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Come on Congress! Listen to some reason. If the American Trucking Association, Big Business and labor unions support raising fuel taxes as a means to fund our highways, step out of the way.

Thomas Donohue couldn’t be more right in his assessment and prediction. There does not need to be a fight. Increasing federal gasoline and diesel taxes just makes sense in this case. And I am very conservative when it comes it additional taxation. This time, though, it just makes sense.

We can’t delay investing in our infrastructure system any longer. We need to act now to keep U.S. highways in proper order. Trucks move over $11 trillion dollars in goods each year. If the men and women who are part of this industry are in agreement, let’s keep things moving along.

Let’s get this bill written and pass it before the Highway Trust Fund and the transportation system end up in worse shape than they currently are. Take the politics out of this one, and listen to the people in the industry.