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Customer Videos Tell Our Story …

Customer videos tell our story better than we could ever tell it ourselves. These are real truck pros telling it in their own words.  Not one of these videos are ever scripted — some are sent to us completely unsolicited. Yet person after person tells how Minimizer makes a difference in their businesses.   It’s encouraging for us to hear these comments; more importantly, these people help set your expectations about what Minimizer can do for you in your business.


If you would like to help us spread the Minimizer story we would be honored and grateful.  Fill out the form on this page of the website and we will process any submitted video for distribution.  Or, tell us in your own words what might make good video content and we’ll send our own production crew to you.  We will post your video on our Facebook page; on our YouTube page and very likely on this website as well.  Again, thank you sincerely for any help you are willing to provide.  Your stories are the ones that matter — to us and to the industry.

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