ClickCease Minimizer Semi Truck Fenders | Maintenance and Care

The Minimizer™ fender itself should never need maintenance other than the occasional wash using any all purpose cleaner.  Paint is not necessary because the polyethylene material used to make the Minimizer™ fender is corrosion resistant.

Make sure that all the bolts attaching the fender to the mounting hardware are snug and not overly tight.  Occasionally check the bolts holding the mounting hardware to the frame to assure  they are securely tightened.

If you bend or break any of the mounting hardware replace them immediately.  This will relieve any stress on the fender.  If you have any questions about your Minimizer™ fenders please do no hesitate to call our customer service people at 800-248-3855.

Again thank you for choosing the Minimizer™ poly fender.

Specific Instructions
Chrome Instructions

Paintable TPO Instructions

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