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4” Round LED Light Kit with Chrome Bezels

Minimizer’s light kit includes 4 red and 2 clear LED lights, 6 rubber grommets, wiring pigtails and 6 chrome bezels.  The kit is designed to fit perfectly in Minimizer fenders with a lightbox option.


Our 12 diode LED lights are brighter and therefore safer than any incandescent light on the market. No more “burned out” tail lights… if one of the 12 diodes should ever fail, 11 are still on the job. This standard 4-inch model is made to perfectly fit the openings of our fender light box option.

Included with your truck LED light purchase is our black poly mounting grommet. It fits perfectly into our fender openings and the seal around your light keeps weather out.

Kit also includes 6 chrome bezel trim pieces (as shown in picture above).

Product 102574

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