Flatbed Tool Caddy


Flatbed Tool Caddy

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The Minimizer Flatbed Tool Caddy Is designed to hang on a standard single tire and rest against the side wall. Features 2 removable trays and handle/ carry openings on both sides. All hardware needed for assembly is included.

  • Part.#: 101598
  • Dimensions: 33.25″ W x 9.5″ D x 12.5″ H
  • Bracket Arm Depth: 1.6″
  • Suface Area: 1.9 sq ft
  • Storage Area: 1.5 qu ft
  • Caddy Weight: 6.9 lbs

Minimizer’s NEW Standard, Super Single, and Flatbed Tool Caddies put tools right where you want ’em. Minimizer Tool Caddies are made from the same polymers that make our fenders nearly indestructible. All Tool Caddies are TESTED AND TORTURED, and carry the Minimizer Lifetime Guarantee!


  1.  What colors is the Hanging Tool Caddy available in? RED only – with yellow trays and hanging hooks.
  2. What is your warranty on the Hanging Tool Caddy? Life-Time warranty on entire maintenance line.
  3. What is the weight of your Hanging Tool Caddy? Varies on Caddy version, however our weights on the (3) different versions are as follows: 6.3lbs. 11.3lbs. & 14lbs.
  4. What is the dimension of your Hanging Tool Caddy? 33.18”(L) x 12.63”(H) x 9.39”(W)
  5. What is the dimension of your Hanging Tool Caddy yellow trays? 15.53”(L) x 1.7”(H) x 7.24”(W)
  6. What is the part number of the Hanging Tool Caddy? We will feature three different styles of tool caddies – 101598 (trailer caddy) 101599 (super single tire caddy) and 101198 (single wheel tire caddy)
  7. Can the Hanging Tool Caddy be used as a step? No, Minimizer does not recommend using the Tool Caddy as a step or standing apparatus.
  8. What is the weight capacity of the Hanging Tool Caddy? 100 lbs.
  9. Do you have to assemble the Hanging Tool Caddy? Yes, assembly is required, and will vary a little from one to another, depending on what tool caddy you went with. All hardware and assembly instructions are provided though in your Hanging Tool Caddy kit.
  10. Are there holes in the Hanging Tool Caddy for assembly? Yes, the Hanging Tool Caddy will come with manufactured assembly holes.       You will only need a Philips screwdriver and socket to complete your assembly.
  11. What tire sizes will the Hanging Tool Caddy fit? We have (2) versions of our Hanging Tool Caddy for tire hanging applications. Part# 101599 will fit your wide based super single tires, (385, 425, 445, & 455).  Part# 101198 will fit tire sizes(245, 255, 265, 275, 285 & 295)
  12. Can the Hanging Tool Caddy be used as a carrying tray? Yes, the Hanging Tool Caddy can double as a carrying tray for the mechanic to return his tools to his toolbox, simply just use the two carrying handles.
  13. Are the top yellow trays on the Hanging Tool Caddy removable? Yes, you can easily lift them completely out. The trays themselves do not require any hardware to install and can easily be removed for larger items to store.
  14. Is there assembly required to attach the top yellow trays on the Hanging Tool Caddy? No, the top two trays do not require any mounting hardware to install in the lower tray.
  15. Do I need to install the yellow hanging arms to my Tool Caddy Box? No, you would not if you did not want to have arms mounted to your Tool Caddy, we suggest going with our 101598 Hanging Tool Caddy, as it gives you the smallest arms instead of larger tire hanger arms. Or look at one of our Tire Work Benches, as they are designed to sit on the tire itself and not hang.
  16. Do the yellow hanging arms come with it? Yes, out of our (3) part numbers – yellow hanging arms would come with.
  17. Do you make a universal yellow hanging arm? No, we do not at this time. You would have to select one of the three different versions to go with
  18. Can I buy the yellow arms separate if I want to turn my current Tool Caddy into another version of it?       Yes, the yellow arms can be purchased individually from the tray itself. Please contact your Minimizer distributor or reach out to our customer service team to get the correct yellow arm part# for ordering purposes.
  19. Anything else to know about the Minimizer Hanging Tool Caddy? Yes, our trailer caddy will also fit into our Minimizer 36in. Toolbox.       Now you can use your tool caddy as a storage tray or separate compartment with the Minimizer 36in. Toolbox.
  20. Where can I purchase the Minimizer Hanging Tool Caddy? At any of our Minimizer distributors, contact us at 800-248-3855 to find your nearest Minimizer distributor or visit us online at www.minimizer.com and request additional info on the Minimizer Hanging Tool Caddy.

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