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Skull and Bones Light Panel


Skull and Bones Light Panel

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• The Skull and Bones Rear Center Light Panel mounts to the rear of your truck frame and holds a total of 8 lights (4 – 6” x 2” angled oval encasements & 4 – 2” round encasements).

• Lights and Wiring Harness Not Included

• Mounting Bracket Sold Separately.

Installation Instructions


SKU: 100430, 101029, 101031, 101027, 100971, 100972,100973, 100975. Category: .

Product Description

Semi Truck Light Panels

Minimizer’s NEW Center Light Panels are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to customize your ride!  Our Light Panels are made from the same polymers that make our Minimizer fenders nearly indestructible.   Which means they will never fade, never rust, never stress crack, and never need to be polished.  Install is easy using the Minimizer Light Panel Bracket System.

All Minimizer Center Light Panels are TESTED AND TORTURED, and carry the Minimizer Lifetime Guarantee!




100430 – PE Black Skull

101029 – PE Red Skull

101031 – PE White Skull

101027 – PE Green Skull

100971 – TPO/Paintable Skull

100972 – Liquid Platium Skull

100973 – Carbon Fiber Skull

100974 – Silver Mirror Skull

100975 – Smoky Black Mirror Skull

Dimensions: 35.4” W x 14.4” L x 2.6” D  Panel Weight: 4 lbs (without lights)

Bracket Weight:  6 lbs (Part# 100964 sold separately)

  1. What colors are the light panels available in? Black, Red, White, Green, TPO, Liquid Platium, Silver Mirror and Black Smokey Mirror.
  2. What is our warranty on the rear center light panel? Life-Time warranty on panel if installed with our Minimizer mounting hardware.       Keep in mind though we only cover Minimizer product, lights, labor and any other added items will not be covered by warranty.
  3. What is the weight of our rear center light panel? 4 lbs. on the panel excluding lights, and 6 pounds for the mounting hardware.
  4. Do the mounting brackets come with the rear center light panel? No, mounting brackets are sold separately just like our fenders and brackets. You would not necessarily need to use the mounting hardware to install the center panel, but then you would not have the Life-Time warranty available to it.
  5. Are grommets needed to install lights into our center light panel? No, grommets will not work on the light encasements. Customer would have to use mounting flanges. Mounting flanges can be purchased anywhere lights are sold as well.
  6. Will the center panel cavity fit a standard DOT license plate? No, a license plate will not fit into the center cavity, cavity is designed for a backing plate that the customer can then install to customize their center panel.
  7. Can you get a light panel without either the cavity or skull & cross bones? Currently NO – we only have these two options to start with.
  8. Does the rear center light panel have any manufactured holes? No, end users will have to drill their own holes into the panel to mount it, and their own holes into each one of our light encasements in order to install their lights.
  9. Is mounting instructions supplied with rear center light panel? Yes, mounting instructions will be supplied with light panel and hardware.
  10. What is the cost on our rear center light panel? Cost does vary, just like our fenders prices are based on color options.       As far as panels go though, either the skull & cross bones or the center cavity cost will not vary, only color choice changes the price.
  11. Does a DOT license plate need to be mounted to a rear center light panel? No, a center license plate does not need to be installed on the center panel, however 44 of the US states and all of Canada require a rear license plate that needs to be displayed on the rear of the truck. Use the website http://www.nhtsa.gov/cars/rules/standards/conspicuity/TBMpstr.html for trucks and buses and the website http://www.nhtsa.gov/cars/rules/standards/conspicuity/Trlrpstr.html for trailers.
  12. Where can I purchase the Minimizer Rear Center Light Panel? At any of our Minimizer distributors, contact us at 800-248-3855 to find your nearest Minimizer distributor or visit us online at www.minimizer.com and request additional info on the Minimizer Rear Center Light Panel.

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