18” Underbody Side door


18” Underbody Side door

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Product Description

Minimizer Poly Underbody Tool Box

Minimizer Tool Boxes are virtually indestructible!

Truck and trailer tool boxes – like our fenders – are tough enough for the most demanding work sites and weather.  Made of solid molded plastic material, our tool box will never rust, crack or need paint.

Don’t let their frame fool you – these boxes are no lightweights. The Minimizer Poly Underbody Tool Box is tougher than metal boxes weighing 10 times more: and the 3/4″ gutter and Seal Tight weather stripping means poly-tool boxes are uncannily weather-proof.

The Minimizer Poly Underbody Tool Box mounts easily to most trucks in minutes. Heavy-duty hardware keeps the plastic truck tool box as secure as a safe.

Check out our product videos here.

D.1      Minimizer LLC warrants that all of the polyethylene components of Minimizer™ toolboxes will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the useful life of the product.


D.2     Minimizer LLC warrants the polyethylene will be free from rust and the useful life of the product of the Minimizer™ Tool Box.


D.3     Minimizer LLC warrants that all hardware, fasteners, handles, and other mechanical components will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase of the Minimizer™ Tool Box.

  1. What colors are the toolboxes available in? Black, White, Red, Gray, Yellow, Granite Gray.
  2. What is our warranty on the toolboxes? 1 Year Warranty on all polyethylene components from defects in materials and workmanship. Lifetime warranty against rust & corrosion. 1 Year warranty on all hardware and mechanical components from defects in materials and workmanship.
  3. What size of toolboxes do we have?       We have 3 sizes of toolboxes, in 2 box configurations. Underbody or Chest style. Chest style boxes we offer a 20x19x36 and a 20x19x24 – in the Underbody we offer a 20x19x36, 20x19x24 and a 18x18x24 (left hinged swing door).
  4. What is the weight of our toolboxes? We have three box size options. 36in. Box – 30lbs., 24in.  Box – 27lbs. and 18in. Box – 23 lbs.
  5. Do the toolboxes require mounting brackets? Our chest box may not require a box depending on how they mount it, if they set it on a flat surface then they would just use lag bolts and bolt into the sub-frame of what the box is sitting on. If they were to hang it off the side of the truck then, yes, a bracket would be required. Also for our underbody, again depending on how they mount it, but in most cases all of our underbody boxes require a bracket.
  6. Do the mounting brackets come with the toolboxes? No, mounting brackets are sold separately, we do offer a mounting bracket kit, Part# PTBKTMIN. They would have to purchase that separate.
  7. How much weight will the bracket support? Minimizer’s bracket system has a max load of 250lbs. The amount of weight the box is able to hold depends on the bracket system used which could increase or decrease depending on how it’s mounted and the style of brackets used.
  8. Does the toolbox handle have a key hole? Yes, the box handle or what we call the Vector T latch, does have a key hole, box includes keys, and it also contains eyelets for customers to place a paddle lock on it.
  9. Does the toolbox have lanyards?       Yes & No. The chest style box does, which will allow the door to open to a 90 degree angle, the underbody does not, so the door can open the entire length.
  10. Is the toolbox waterproof? Technically it’s not since we do have to put holes in it to mount it. It is a water tight box, but not waterproof. However, we do not have seams other than the lid, and the lid has a 3/4in. gutter channel around the entire opening with heavy duty weather-stripping in the lid.
  11. Can you buy replacement parts?       Yes, every part of the toolbox can be purchased or sold separately, so in the event of an accident your customer can buy a replacement part.
  12. Can you customize the box to have it be co-branded to a particular customer (OEM, Dealer or Fleet). Yes, we would work this like we do with customer mud flaps and floor mats. A .EPS or .AI file would be required of the logo they want to use. A layout would then be created, signed by the customer and a plate charge would be quoted. If customer agrees to plate charges, and layout then we can proceed to place order. A unique part # would need to be created for the custom box first. However, keep in mind, a minimum of 12 boxes would be required to have a custom box logo.
  13. What is the cost on our toolbox and does color change the price? Cost does vary based on SIZE only. Colors do not change the price of the box itself, only the size of the box. Also the same for our chest or underbody option as well, same price either way.
  14. Can the box have handles? Yes, we do offer a box with attached metal handles, part# specific so note to your customers this will need to be ordered that way.       They can also do it on their own if they would like, however they would have to drill it causing holes.       We do offer though a chest box option with carrying handles.
  15. Do all the toolboxes have the black rubber side straps? No, we only have the black rubber side straps on the 36in. box.
  16. Where can I purchase the Minimizer Toolbox? At any of our Minimizer distributors, contact us at 800-248-3855 to find your nearest Minimizer distributor or visit us online at www.minimizer.com and request additional info on the Minimizer Toolbox.

T18UBBMIN – Black

102389 – White

Also available in Granite, Red, Silver, & Yellow upon request

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