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Tandem Work Bench

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•  The Tandem Work Bench is designed to sit securely on tandems, and can hold up to 300 lbs. 

•  The interior base doubles as a waterproof storage compartment with plenty of space for all the maintenance tools you need to finish the job.

•  The Tandem Work Bench™ is 23.5” W x 54″ L x 7.5” H and weighs 22 lbs.

•  Made from durable polymers so it's TESTED and TORTURED and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

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Product Description

Tandem Work Bench

Fixing semi trucks is hard enough, so we’ve come up with a product to make things a little easier – the Minimizer Tandem Work Bench.

The Tandem Work Bench is designed to sit securely on tandems and holds up to 300 pounds of parts and tools.

Featuring two removable trays with a combined surface area of almost 9 sq ft, the Tandem Work Bench is our largest option.  Below the trays is a waterproof interior compartment with 3 cu ft of storage.

Made from durable polymers so it is TESTED and TORTURED; and comes with Minimizer’s Lifetime Guarantee.

Check out our product videos here.

  1. What colors is the Tandem Work Bench available in? The top two trays are RED and the bottom tandem well is BLACK. Only two colors available.
  2. What is our warranty on the Tandem Work Bench? Life-Time warranty.
  3. What is the weight of your Tandem Work Bench? 22 lbs.
  4. What is the size of your Tandem Work Bench? 23.5” Wide x 54” Long x 7.5” High
  5. What is the surface area of your Tandem Work Bench? 8.8 square feet
  6. What is the storage area of your Tandem Work Bench? 3 cubic feet
  7. What is the part number for the Tandem Work Bench? 100102
  8. Can the Tandem Work Bench be used as a step? No, Minimizer does not recommend using the tandem bench as a step or standing apparatus. It is designed to fit in between a tandem axle and has an uneven bottom so will not sit securely on a flat service.
  9. What is the weight capacity of the Tandem Work Bench? 300lbs.
  10. Are there holes in the Tandem Work Bench?       Yes, the top two trays feature (2) center cut outs as a cup holder, they also have (4) indentations for bolts or smaller items to fit into.
  11. What tire size will the Tandem Work Bench work with? It will fit your standard 22.5 to 24.5 dual tires, on a common 52” to 54” axle spacing.
  12. Are the top trays on the Tandem Work Bench removable? Yes, you can easily slide or completely remove either of the top two trays. The trays themselves do not require any hardware to install and can easily be removed to gain access to the internal storage compartment.
  13. Is there assembly required to attach the top trays on the Tandem Work Bench? No, the top two trays do not require any mounting hardware to install.
  14. Is the internal storage compartment on the Tandem Work Bench waterproof? Yes – in the fact that there is no manufactured holes placed into the internal storage tray. The black compartment will be waterproof.
  15. Can the Tandem Work Bench top trays be used as a carrying tray? Yes, they are removable so if you want to carry items back to your toolbox, to a parts washer or to another part of the truck the top tray will double as a carrying device.
  16. Where can I purchase the Minimizer Tandem Work Bench? At any of our Minimizer distributors, contact us at 800-248-3855 to find your nearest Minimizer distributor or visit us online at www.minimizer.com and request additional info on the Minimizer Tandem Work Bench.

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