Tired of losing mud flaps due to backing over them?  There’s a better way.  Use Minimizer Fast Flaps.

Fast Flaps secure mud flaps without creating any holes in the flap or sacrificing strength.  It takes more than 500 pounds of pressure to detach a mud flap from the Fast Flaps stainless steel bar, and the result doesn’t damage the flap.


Not only are Fast Flaps perfect for dump trucks, cement mixers, roll off and garbage trucks, but the mounting bracket allows this innovative product to be used with a regular tractor, as well.

Fast Flaps are Tested & Tortured™ and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Key Facts

  • Minimum mud flap thickness is 1/4″. Do not use 3/16″ mud flaps as they will not hold to the specifications.
  • Fast flap brackets are made from stainless steel, heat tempered to spring steel.
  • A screwdriver (minimum length of 10″) pries the Fast Flaps bar apart, allowing you to insert the mud flap into the gap.
  • One Fast Flap kit includes everything you need to mount two mud flaps(not included).
  • Part Numbers
    • English – 10001563 (Legacy Part #101227)

    • French – 10005128 (Legacy Part #101227)

    • Spanish – 10005129 (Legacy Part #101227)

  • Allows – Mud Flaps to release free from bracket without causing damage to flaps, hanger bracket or fender
  • Retail Packaged – for in store POP direct sales
  • Full assembly – no additional brackets required – Mud Flaps Sold Separately
  • Durable – All stainless steel, heat tempered to spring steel
  • Secure – Mud flap fastened in with spring steel clamping force
  • Save Money – No damage, no shop labor, no down time or DOT fines
  • Industry Applications – For both on-road and off-road trucking including: dump trucks, cement mixers, asphalt, block, logging, roll-off and garbage trucks. Also great for freight haulers that often experience mud flap damage.
  • Proven Product! – Thousands in use on Owner Operators, Fleets, Municipalities and D.O.T. equipment throughout U.S. & Canada
  • Standard – 7” on center bolt pattern
  • Mounting Bracket Part #10001460 (Legacy Part # 102406) – contains: 1 each – Driver/Passenger Side Mounting Arms – Hardware kit to install to your frame
    Installation Instructions
  1. Fast Flap Part Numbers English – 10001563 (Legacy Part #101227); French – 10005128 (Legacy Part #101227); Spanish – 10005129 (Legacy Part #101227)
  2. Mounting Bracket Part Numbers 10001460 (Legacy Part # 102406)
  3. What colors are the Fast Flaps available in?       Stainless Steel.
  4. What is your warranty on the Fast Flap? Life-Time warranty.
  5. What is the Fast Flap? Fast Flap is a heat tempered stainless steel clamp that allows mud flaps to release free from brackets without damaging flaps, fenders or hanger brackets. Think of it as a large trap or clamp. You simply bolt the Fast Flap to your mud flap holes and insert your mud flaps into the Fast Flap clamp. No more tearing of flaps.
  6. What is the purpose of your Minimizer Fast Flap? Simple, tired of having flaps get torn off, or hefty fines for not having one on?       Or maybe you’re sick of paying high labor rates to re-install flap hangers, or flaps themselves. The flap will release damage free from the Fast Flap when backing up into any type of obstruction which causes the mud flap to be pinched against the rear tire. With our Fast Flap, the driver can quickly in minutes re-install his mud flap, preventing expensive fines for driving without one (illegal in all 50 states by the way) and costly down time if you were to tear one off, and didn’t have a Fast Flap on.
  7. Is there assembly or any additional installation needed to install Fast Flaps? No – no assembly required, and no need to drill holes or fabricate additional brackets to install. The Fast Flap simply bolts into your standard Flap hole; all hardware is provided for install. You simply bolt this into the place of the flap, then a little muscle and a 10in. Flat Head screwdriver is needed to insert your mud flap.
  8. What size of bolt hole is needed and what are the measurements for the holes? A 1/4in. bolt is inserted into the Fast Flap for you, so your standard hole from your previous flap will work. The holes are placed at 7in. on center – which is a standard commercial flap hole placement. Again no need to drill holes to install will simply bolt into existing mud flap locations.
  9. Can I reinstall my mud flap into the Fast Flap if it pulls out? Yes, simply get a 10in. long flat head screw driver and pry the Fast Flap back open, insert the mud flap back in and be on your way. Unlike other spring loaded flap hangers, are release freely from the hanger itself, allowing the driver to re-install the mud flap in minutes, avoided costly fines and downtime for not having a torn off flap or bent flap hanger.
  10. Are the Fast Flaps hard to install?       No – we’ve installed them on a lot of different makes and model trucks out there, in all forms of industry applications. We used our most experienced guys, to random ones off the street, and they can install these in no time. We’d bet you could have your set on in under an hour probably even quicker than that; take the challenge we’d love to hear the feedback.
  11. What size of Mud Flaps will the Fast Flap fit?       Generally all sizes, they are standard for 24in. wide flaps, however you can just add additional Fast Flaps to a wider flap if needed. As for length, these are most common on 30in. and 36in. but will fit shorter as well as longer flaps up to 42in.
  12. What is the minimum order on your Fast Flap? We sell the Minimizer Fast Flap as a packaged set which contains (4) Fast Flaps, minimum order would be one complete packaged set.       However you can buy as many sets as you would like.
  13. Are the Fast Flaps sold as a pair or individually? The Fast Flap set is sold as a pair, or a set of (4) Fast Flaps, which will mount (1) pair of mud flaps. We do not sell them individually however.
  14. What thickness of mud flaps will your Fast Flap hold? They will fit your most common thickness of flaps. 1/4in. all the way to 1/2in.
  15. Does your Fast Flap require a mounting bracket? No – no need for a mounting bracket, ideally it’s designed to bolt into existing flap holes on your trucks body application. Will work to attach to a mud flap bracket, however most common that it’s bolted directly to the box (bed) or trailer.
  16. How much force is needed to pull the mud flap out of the Fast Flap, I’m worried the flap will just fall off while driving? No need to worry; check out our video on Fast Flap at We have Tested & Tortured this; it requires in excess of 500 lbs. for 1/4in. thick rubber flaps and 450 lbs. for 3/8in thick rubber flaps. Go ahead and give them a pull, they aren’t coming off just driving down the road.
  17. Does the Fast Flap have conspicuity tape on it, I know that it’s required in most states? Absolutely, we have 8 strips included with your Fast Flap kit, (4) red and (4) clear. You will just apply the tape strips yourself once you install your Fast Flap.
  18. I’m not sure if I need a Fast Flap, whose using these? Everyone and their relative, no, we like to say these are designed for everyone.       Whether you drive a cement mixer, asphalt truck, block truck, logging truck, roll off or refuse truck or are on-road or off-road, from an owner operator, fleet or Municipality /D.O.T to just a person who has a truck, the Fast Flap is for you. Works great for freight haulers as well that do experience mud flap damage while backing into those difficult docks or loading areas. So as you can imagine again, anyone who drives a large truck, this is ideal for.       We have thousands in use, and can easily say they’ll quickly pay for themselves if you ever happen to pull your flap off.
  19. What is the lead time on the Fast Flap? We keep a large stock of Minimizer Fast Flaps in house, our turnaround times are very short, some of the best in the industry. Depending on the shippable location, we can generally have the Fast Flap out to you within 1-2 business days.
  20. Where can I purchase the Minimizer Fast Flap? At any of our Minimizer distributors, contact us at 800-248-3855 to find your nearest Minimizer distributor or visit us online at and request additional info on the Minimizer Fast Flap.
Minimum mud flap thickness is 1/4″. Do not use 3/16″ mud flaps as they will not hold to the specifications.
1. Remove existing mud flaps.
2. Install brackets into existing mounting holes using provided hardware.
– Install and tighten lock nuts snug
– 10-Ft/Lbs of torque is all that is needed
– Over tightening may result in damage
    CAUTION: Always wear eye protection when installing mud flaps into brackets. Keep fingers and hands out of and away from gripping area as injury may occur.
    3. Use a quality made flat head screwdriver (minimum length of 10″) to pry open one bracket at a time to install mud flap. Insert screwdriver into center hole, resting tip on flat portion above. Pry open one bracket and slide in flap.
    4. Repeat this process between the two brackets until flap is fully engaged against the top/inside portion of the brackets.
    5. Wipe surface of fast flap hanger to remove residue before applying Conspicuity tape. Place 2 pieces of tape on each hanger; alternating between red and white.