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Stock Return & Adjustment Policy

  1. All returns will be reviewed with HBB to determine product and quantities that can be returned. Providing original invoices or PO#’s for returning product will be helpful in expediting the request.
  2. Product must have been purchased within the preceding 12 month time period
  3. HBB will make every effort to help our customers sell the product on the return list prior to approval being issued
    1. This includes:
      1. Creating sales flyers
      2. Email/Geo targeting campaigns
    2. No return on rubber bushings, obsolete product, or any customer specified custom products
    3. Returns can be authorized for complete kits. No returns on partial kits.
    4. Product that needs to be updated to sellable condition will be subject to other charges to be subtracted from the full credit value or deemed ineligible for credit.
    5. Product Return Authorization Guidelines:
      1. Required to have a RMA# issued by HBB
      2. Customer is responsible for return freight charges (includes duty & brokerage charges if any). Proper packing and preparation for the shipment should be taken to ensure no damage occurs during transit.  There will be no credit issued on items damaged while in customer’s possession or during transport.
      3. Credit amount will be Issued at the last purchased price
      4. Product must be in sellable condition to receive credit
        1. Product not in sellable condition will be returned to customer freight collect or disposed of by HBB at customers discretion
      5. Assessed a 20% restocking fee
        1. Or a 1.5x offsetting order can be placed to avoid a restocking fee


Now that the legal guys have had their say, here’s what we say:

We’re human, we know that sometimes, “THINGS” happen. With our extensive background in plastic materials and the trucking industry, we understand the physical properties of the materials we use and we know that our plastic just doesn’t “break” or “crack” under normal use unless the unforeseeable happens. If so – we have probably done it ourselves, or have tested our material to the utmost extremes and have seen it before. Be sure to check out our videos at or or ask a Minimizer sales rep. for one.

We’ve engineered our products’ to last longer than the life of your truck. We’re a family company, we do care about the products we produce on a daily basis.

So there is an inherent respect for you, our customer, who makes their living using the vehicles and equipment our products serve to protect. So don’t tell us you were “driving along” when your bracket broke or bent back and your wheel is now rubbing the fender. We are drivers and were founded by a driver, too. We’ve been around the block a few times. If you dumped your truck into a monster pothole, dropped a trailer, got hit by a reckless vehicle operator or backed over your flap and pulled the fenders off we sympathize with you and will try to help you out, as we’ve done or seen all those things. We want you to keep running our products. So in the event of unlucky stuff happening, please refer to our Stuff Happens (SH) policy below.


We will offer to replace the part in question or sell replacement parts at a significant discount to our customers who forget that our products are not at all times “invincible”. We extend this to original owners only. If you bought it at an authorized Minimizer dealer, please see them for details. We will require a digital photo of the damage or the original part back. We promise to make it right for you. We do not want an “Accident” to leave a bad taste in your mouth regarding Minimizer Products. Always remember we have been in the trucking industry for 30 years and have seen it all. Nothing is unexpected with us.


Minimizer LLC. wants you to be happy with any purchase that you make from us; therefore we offer only high quality merchandise that we feel is superior in materials and craftsmanship.  If you are unhappy with your purchase feel free to contact us and we will be happy to make it right.

We’d like to help you resolve a purchase problem as quickly and easily as possible provided you meet the terms and conditions listed below. Please note that NOT ALL items are covered by our RMA Policy. You may return your purchased products within 15 days of the invoice date. After 15 days, No merchandise can be returned unless defective or within the terms of the manufactures warranty. Anything returned without an RMA number on the outside of the package will be refused and sent back to the company.


1. All merchandise returned will be subject to a 20% restocking charge. All sales are subject to approval before return.  Our knowledge of your intent to return the merchandise will insure that you receive proper credit.

2. Please provide the following information when calling or e-mailing for an RMA number: Customer Name, Contact Name, Zip Code (Billing), Sales Order Number, Minimizer LLC Part# and Quantity, along with the nature of the problem.

3. New merchandise will be accepted for credit only with prior approval by an Minimizer LLC Product Specialist. Your Product Specialist will issue a RETURNED MATERIAL AUTHORIZATION (RMA) number which must appear on all returned cartons and corresponding packing list’s). Merchandise must be received within 30 days of issuance of the RMA number otherwise, credit will not be issued. No merchandise can be returned after 15 days unless defective or within the terms of the manufactures warranty.

Please Note: No returns will be accepted if the manufacturer’s RMA# sheet is missing or is not visible on any and all packages being returned.

4. All purchased merchandise must be returned in “BRAND NEW” condition, if materials are returned in a “Less Than Brand New”condition You will be notified by an Minimizer LLC representative. A refurbishing fee may be required to restore the merchandise to a marketable condition. The fee for refurbishing will be presented to you to accept or reject, at which time the merchandise will either be reworked or returned to you. This fee is in addition to any restocking or handling fee of at least 10% which may be levied. Credit for returned merchandise will be issued at the original purchase price minus any fees listed above. Only merchandise purchased within the past fifteen (15) days may be returned. Special order merchandise can not be returned at any time.

5. If the returned packages are missing any of the manufacturers supplied accessories or there is obvious damage or visible wear and tear to the merchandise, Minimizer LLC. reserves the right to refuse the return.

6. If you are trying to return/exchange an item that you’ve tried to install and the item has become damaged so that it is no longer in “BRAND NEW” condition, we will not be able to accept a return/exchange on that item.  We can only allow returns/exchanges for new and unused parts that have not been installed and/or damaged.

7. All products are sold with their respective manufacturer’s warranties. Please note that warranty periods and services vary depending on the product.

8. The purchaser will be responsible for return shipping costs.  When returning products, we strongly recommend the use of a carrier that can track packages. Minimizer LLC. does not reimburse any customers return shipping cost.  Claims for delay, loss, or damage should be made against the freight carrier.

9. Minimizer LLC. will not accept any returns shipped freight COD or UPS COD. If you ship items to us, please insure the items to their full value and request proof of delivery. Items must be in a reasonable return package, to insure they are returned in a “BRAND NEW” condition.  If not, damage may occur in the shipping process, which Minimizer LLC will not be held responsible, and may cause the product to be returned in a “NOT LIKE BRAND NEW” condition.

10. Returned goods privileges will apply only to customers currently purchasing Minimizer™ Products and whose accounts are in current condition. No cash settlement will be made, if you are inquiring about RMA # for merchandise that was purchased through one of Minimizer LLC. qualified dealers, and not directly from Minimizer LLC, please contact your point of purchase retailer, and notify them.  They will be responsible for the return of merchandise.

11. The customer shall not deduct amounts for returned merchandise from payments to Minimizer LLC. When approved returned merchandise has been received, inspected, and processed, Minimizer LLC. will promptly issue credit to the customer account or Customers Credit Card. No deduction shall be made until the credit memo has been issued.

12. Customers returning merchandise which is not approved for credit or replacement will be notified in writing by a Minimizer LLC. Representative. Failure by the customer to respond within ten (10) days to such notice will be just cause for Minimizer LLC. to scrap or return the merchandise, freight collect, back to the customer.

13. Customers needing additional assistance regarding the Merchandise Return Policy should contact Minimizer LLC. and ask to speak to a representative.

REQUESTING AN RMA# You may choose to use our  RMA form for requesting a product return online through our web site’s RMA form:

Request an RMA Here

Anything returned without an RMA number on the outside of the package will be refused and sent back to the company.

After receiving your RMA Number, place your RMA# sheet in a clear visible spot and write your RMA number legibly on the return label and the outside of the box and return the entire package to:

Minimizer LLC.
500 Minimizer Way SE
Blooming Prairie, MN  55917

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