The old adage “image is everything” rings true in the heavy-duty industry. The look of over-the-road assets is a direct reflection of brand, perception of service and quality.


Proper fleet maintenance is critical to safety, performance, driver retention, less in-transit pullovers, load protection and profitability. A rig that looks good will fare better with DOT inspections. Success with each of these critical fleet metrics starts with maintenance but, industry use of the term maintenance is now transitioning to a more pervasive stance: Fleet Image.

Fleet image is more encompassing. It includes the traditional maintenance objectives of optimizing uptime and asset value, controlling costs and protecting asset value. Fleet image goes a step further by recognizing the importance of external and internal asset appearance and integrating this into maintenance programs. It’s safe to say a vehicle that looks good is being well maintained inside and out.

For over 30 years Minimizer has manufactured the lightest, most durable, longest lasting truck fenders and bracket kits in the trucking industry. Fenders protect loads and equipment, improve fuel efficiency, and add to a truck’s appearance and lifespan. Now Minimizer offers more than fenders. Minimizer is introducing a host of products to improve fleet image.

Nothing is worse than an ugly cab floor that stands out for all the wrong reasons. Torn carpet, ripped rubber, stains everywhere. Numerous elements team up to ensure that the floor looks terrible the very second anyone steps foot in the cab. Whether it’s a driver’s boots, the food or drink they leave behind, or the elements that inevitably make their way inside the truck, it all costs a fleet money. The cost to replace

or detail the floor is expensive. Minimizer Floor Mats are not, and they represent a major problem-solver. The mats are custom molded to ensure a tight fit, and the tray system keeps the mess where it needs

to be on the mats. Cleaning them is a breeze. Simply remove the mat from the cab, clean it with a pressure washer or a little elbow grease, and stick it back in.

Numerous fleets that lease their trucks have saved tens of thousands of dollars by using Minimizer Floor Mats. They’re the perfect heavy-duty aftermarket accessory that will add value to any truck.

Fleet image is rounded out with Minimizer Mud Flaps. This highly visible product promotes fleet brands while protecting rigs and other drivers. Most trucks average 10 million sightings per year. Minimizer Mud Flaps are manufactured using strong and stiff poly material that maintains proper position and fit on trailers. Minimizer Mud Flaps last for years without fading or tearing. Expand maintenance programs to

include fleet image enhancements. Minimizer Fenders, Floor Mats, and Mud Flaps augment traditional maintenance programs by improving fleet image both inside and out, enhancing safety and protecting fleet assets.

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