Clean up your operation by installing this no-brainer product that will save you time and money by eliminating grease.

For decades, grease was the only option to ensure a safe and quality connection between the truck’s fifth wheel and the trailer’s upper coupler, but grease requires constant application. If you aren’t greasing regularly, a lack of grease between the fifth wheel and the upper coupler can cause catastrophic failure.

Thankfully, Minimizer’s 5th Wheel Slick Plate is here to save you from all of those grease headaches.

Each Slick Plate is custom-fitted for a specific fifth wheel, and installation is a breeze.


The 5th Wheel Slick Plate also provides additional control for drivers, increases steer tire life, and creates a more consistent connection between the truck and trailer. Eliminate metal-on-metal contact for a smoother – and safer – ride.

#LoseTheGrease and protect your fifth wheel with Minimizer’s 5th Wheel Slick Plate.