In-Frame Tool Box for Trucks

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Meet the heavy duty In-frame Truck Tool Box that does not sweat, leak, crack, rust, or need paint.

Keep your tools protected in a box that does not sweat, leak, crack or rust.

Part #10004615 (Legacy Part #103851) – In-Frame Tool Box Black
Part #10001433 (Legacy Part #105243) – Battery Hold Down Kit

  • 350-pound individual can safely stand on lid of box when vehicle is stationary; PLEASE NOTE – 200-pound cargo limit inside box.
  • Seal-Tight weather stripping prevents water from ending, while composite material doesn’t sweat, leak, rust, or crack, providing for a completely dry cavity.
  • Molded design allows for driveshaft clearance to maximize storage space of 2.3 cubic feet.
  • Adequate clearance for brake lines & wiring harness on either side of box.
  • Adjustable frame clamps make for easy installation without drilling (approx. 20 minutes to install).
  • Can be used as a battery box with optional Battery Hold Down Kit, Part #10001433 (Legacy Part #105243).
  • Box comes standard with built-in handle lock as well as space for secondary padlock.
  • Features finger tabs on the cover and lid swings open 180 degrees to give full access to box opening of 20.2” x 16.9”.

D.1      Minimizer LLC warrants that all of the polyethylene components of Minimizer™ toolboxes will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the useful life of the product.

D.2     Minimizer LLC warrants the polyethylene will be free from rust and the useful life of the product of the Minimizer™ Tool Box.

D.3     Minimizer LLC warrants that all hardware, fasteners, handles, and other mechanical components will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase of the Minimizer™ Tool Box.

  1. What is the In-Frame Tool Box Part Number? 10004615(Legacy Part #103851)
  2. What colors is the In-Frame Tool Box available in? Black.
  3. What is our warranty? Lifetime Warranty on all polyethylene components from defects in materials and workmanship. Lifetime warranty against rust & corrosion. 1 Year warranty on all hardware and mechanical components from defects in materials and workmanship.
  4. What size is the In-Frame Tool Box? The interior dimensions are: 20”(W)x17”(D)x10”(H).  Exterior dimensions are: 33”(W)22(D)”x13.5”(H)This Tool Box is designed to hold 2 – Group 30 or 31 truck batteries.  There is also a 3” clearance in the bottom of the box for the truck’s drive shaft.
  5. What is the weight? The total assembled weight is 26 lbs., including the included mounting clamps.
  6. Does the Tool Box require mounting brackets? There are 4 mounting clamps that are included with the Tool Box, which allows it to be installed on any class 6 to 8 truck with 27” – 28.5” frame rails.  The clamps are compatible with 5/16” – 3/8” frame rail thicknesses. Minimizer offers a battery hold down kit (P/N 105243) that can be purchased separately when customers use the box for battery storage.
  7. Do the mounting brackets come with the Tool Box? Yes.  However, there is an optional Battery Hold Down Kit Part Number: 10001433 (Legacy Part #105243) that can be purchased separately for customers use the box for battery storage.
  8. Does the truck frame need to be drilled to install? No, the frame does not need to be drilled for installation.
  9. How much weight can be stored in the Tool Box? The Tool Box is rated to hold up to 200lbs internally.
  10. Can you stand on the Tool Box?  The cover of the Tool Box is foam filled and can hold up to 350 lbs.
  11. Does the Tool Box handle have a keyhole? Yes, the box handle or what we call the Vector T latch, does have a keyhole, box includes keys, and it also contains eyelets for customers to place a padlock on it.
  12. Does the Tool Box have a lanyard? No. The In-Frame Tool Box does not utilize a lanyard, and the lid will open a full 180°.  There are finger tabs on the cover for easy lifting.
  13. Is the Tool Box waterproof? Technically we cannot say it’s waterproof, however, the Tool Box has a one-piece rubber cooler seal for a very tight seal between the box and cover.  This product is more waterproof than any other Tool Box on the market.
  14. Can you buy replacement parts? Yes, every part of the Tool Box can be purchased or sold separately, so in the event of an accident your customer can buy a replacement part.
  15. How do you hook up battery cables if you use the box for battery storage? Add holes in the rear wall of the box for battery cable entrance points. Use rubber grommets (not supplied) in the cable holes to protect the battery cables from wear. Do not drill through the cover of the box.
  16. Do you need any type of vent holes in box? Yes, vent holes are required when storing batteries in the truck box (one near each battery). Drill ¼” vent holes thru one layer of the center gusset on each end of the box.
  17. Can you customize the Tool Box to have it be co-branded to a particular customer (OEM, Dealer or Fleet)? Currently custom logos are not available.
  18. Does the Tool Box have the black rubber side straps? No, there is no need for the black rubber side straps.
  19. Where can I purchase the Minimizer In-Frame Tool Box? At any of our Minimizer distributors, contact us at 800-248-3855 to find your nearest Minimizer distributor or visit us online at and request additional info on the Minimizer Tool Box.

Installation Instructions

Part #10001433 (Legacy Part #105243)