Do you have a dedicated truck-and-trailer combo that rarely separates? If so, Minimizer’s Slick Disk is the perfect solution to the grease problem.

The Slick Disk eliminates the need for greasing the top of the fifth wheel plate.  Installation takes minutes, and this product also protects the fifth wheel against friction and wear that can be caused by normal towing.


  • The Slick Disk comes with a 32″ disk and a retainer clip.
  • The disk is .25″ thick, and weighs 5.2 pounds.
  • It is used on the trailer king pin and is held in place by the retainer clip.
  • Note, you cannot use a Slick Disk if you have a Minimizer Slick Plate installed on your 5th wheel or a
  • Minimizer Trailer Slick Plate on the trailer.
  • Part #’s 10004454, 10004455 Legacy Part #ACCSLICK32ASSY

Using the Slick Disk, eliminate’s the need for grease.  This means that you can get to work sooner and work longer.

*Note, you cannot use a Slick Disk if you have a Minimizer Slick Plate installed on your 5th wheel or a Minimizer Trailer Slick Plate on the trailer.

  1. What color does the Slick Disk come in?       BLACK Only
  2. What is the warranty on the Slick Disk? We do not carry a warranty on the Slick Disk, it is meant to be a disposable product.
  3. What sizes of Slick Disks do you offer? We offer one standard size of the Minimizer Slick Disk. Disk diameter is 32in. (Round)
  4. What is the weight of your Slick Disk? Less the 3 pounds
  5. Does the Slick Disk require any install?       Yes, you can watch our quick video install at as well. Install is quick and all hardware is included, no tools necessary.  Simply clean bottom of king pin plate, place Disk around king pin and tap the retention ring to fit snug to bottom of trailer. The Slick Disk contains a recessed groove that the retention clip sits in, this will be facing the ground.
  6. Does the Slick Disk come with the hardware to install? Yes, the Disk has the round retention ring included in the assembly.
  7. Do you have to drill any holes for the install? No, the Minimizer Slick Disk does require any bolts or hole drilling, a retention ring comes with the Slick Disk assembly.
  8. Will this cause any coupling issues when connecting my trailer to the hitch? None that we’ve found, typically kingpins are longer anyways and hooking should not have any issues when connecting your truck and trailer.
  9. How long does it take to install the slick Disk? The initial install we did, after cleaning of the king pin plate roughly took 5 minutes.
  10. Does the 5th wheel plate and king pin plate need to be cleaned prior to installing the Slick Disk?       Yes, you will want to remove as much old grease as you possibly can; a nice hot pressure wash should take most of it off. Upon drying proceed to install your Slick Disk.
  11. Will you need to continue to grease the plate after installing the Slick Disk? No, the top plate itself you will not want to apply grease, the drier you can keep it the better. You will still want to maintain a proper grease amount on all moving parts though.
  12. Will grease hurt the Slick Disk?       No, grease itself will not, however old grease does contain your abrasive materials where the wearing of the Disk can occur, always try to keep as much grease off the top plate as possible.
  13. What if you hook to multiple trailers? The slick Disk is meant for a dedicated truck & trailer combo, if you are switching between multiple trailers you should consider using our Minimizer Slick Plate or Trailer Slick Plate
  14. What is the load capacity of your Slick Disk? Combined tractor/trailer weight of less than 100,000 lbs.
  15. Can I buy replacement retention rings for my Slick Disk? Yes, most of our Minimizer distributors keep replacement rings in stock and rings can be purchased separately.
  16. What is the Slick Plate made out of?       It is made from High Density Polyethylene
  17. How long does the slick Disk last?       That is to be determined based on the user, we’ve found in a lot of cases the Disk will last up to a year on lighter usage vehicles. However, the more use you have and the various condition you might be in all factors into the life expectancy of the Slick Disk.
  18. What is the part# on your Minimizer Slick Disk? ACCSLICK32ASSY
  19. Where can I purchase the Minimizer Slick Disk? At any of our Minimizer distributors, contact us at 800-248-3855 to find your nearest Minimizer distributor or visit us online at and request additional info on the Minimizer Slick Disk.