Minimizer introduces two new products

(Blooming Prairie, MN December 2016) – Minimizer, known for its innovative ideas and groundbreaking product lines, is launching its fifth and sixth products of 2016 – the Trailer Slick Plate and the Tool Caddy.

“These products, consistent with our Tested and Tortured brand, offer solution-based answers for those in the heavy duty trucking industry,” Minimizer CEO and Chief Visionary Craig Kruckeberg said.

The Trailer Slick Plate is a self-lubricating polymer plate that attaches to a trailer’s upper coupler. The result? Easier maintenance, no need for messy grease, and fewer issues with coupling tractors and trailers.

“The Trailer Slick Plate is an excellent addition to our line,” Kruckeberg said. “Nobody wants to have to grease the upper coupler plate, and with this product, you don’t have to.”

The Trailer Slick Plate reduces wear and tear on the truck’s fifth wheel, as well as the trailer’s upper coupler. It also makes for easier trailer handling for drivers and increases steer tire life.

“If you drop-and-hook often, then this is the product for you,” Kruckeberg said.

The Tool Caddy is the newest addition to Minimizer’s Maintenance Line.

It attaches to the tire, creating a space to store up to 100 pounds of tools and gear.

“The Tool Caddy works really well if your truck breaks down and you’re forced to fix it roadside. It’s also great in repair shops,” Kruckeberg said.

The Tool Caddy is designed to fit three applications – standard tires from 24.5 inches to 29.5 inches, Super Single tires, and flatbed trailers.

“The flatbed version is meant to hold all of your straps as you load your cargo,” Kruckeberg said. “And to top it off, the flatbed Tool Caddy fits inside of a 36-inch Minimizer Tool Box.”

About Minimizer

Leveraging almost 40 years of manufacturing expertise at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, Minimizer is not just the leader in poly semi truck fenders: We invented the category. Minimizer poly fenders and integrated bracket kits are nearly indestructible and are guaranteed for life.

Our research and development team constantly “tests and tortures” each of our products to make sure what goes on, in or is used to fix the truck meets the rigors of our tough industry.

We also manufacture industry leading light kits, mud flaps, Tool Boxes, tire masks, and other accessories. Our most recent innovations include the ONLY Custom Molded Floor Mats in the world for semi trucks. And we recently launched the revolutionary “whole body” Minimizer Truck Seat System.

Minimizer has been family owned and operated for three generations. The company manufactures its products in the USA and makes everything tough enough to please tough people in a tough industry.

For more information or to contact a Minimizer distributor, call us at (800) 248-3855 or visit our website or email us at info@highbarbrands.com.

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