Municipalities see value in unique mud flap bracket

OWATONNA, Minn. – Tearing and replacing mud flaps happens all too often on dump trucks, plows, and waste haulers, but municipalities can eliminate that headache by running Minimizer Fast Flaps.

Fast Flaps are a stainless steel bracket designed to secure mud flaps without creating holes or sacrificing strength, and product use has exploded amongst municipalities across the country.

“We’ve seen a big sales increase from vocational use,” High Bar Brands VP of Marketing & Communication Steve Hansen said.  “Dump trucks, plow trucks, and garbage trucks clearly see an advantage in using this product.”

A mud flap can be inserted into the Fast Flaps bracket with a flathead screwdriver, so installation is quick and easy, yet it takes 500 pounds of force to detach the flap from the Fast Flaps bracket.

“It really is an intelligent design,” Hansen said.  “Time is money for fleets and municipalities, and this product saves on both.”

High Bar Brands has increased Fast Flaps production due to customer demand.  Learn more – and see both online and local buying options – at

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