The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal has announced the honorees for this year’s CFO of the Year Award. The award recognizes top-tier financial executives in several company categories.

Minimizer’s Chief Financial Officer, Christopher Thorpe ( “CT”) was named an honoree in the small private company category. He along with all the other 2014 Nominees will be recognized at a November 13, 2014 luncheon and profiled in a special publication the next day.

The award was originally introduced in 2007 to recognize the crucial leadership role CFOs fill as a part of a company’s management team. As mission-critical as CFOs are they often labor in relative obscurity and do not receive the kudos they deserve.

“I’m very honored to accept this nomination, it’s truly a significant career highlight,” said CT. “I feel privileged to be with Minimizer  as we grow and expand globally. The role I have with the company, and its new management team, affords me dynamic opportunities to effect and guide change as we are constantly pursuing new products, markets, joint ventures and acquisitions”

The Business Journal noted that the number of 2014 CFO of The Year Award nominations was as many as the previous two years combined. Nominees were evaluated by a panel consisting of other financial executives, who scored them on their contributions to the company and the community.

“CT is critical for our company’s success, he is integral to our operations and expansion. He is a consummate professional, proving every day he is the very example of what a modern CFO can do for a business,” said Craig Kruckeberg, Minimizer CEO and Chief Visionary.