Blooming Prairie, MN, November 2013 — Minimizer’s award winning Chrome Poly fenders continue to impress. Since their 2011 unveiling, trucks outfitted with these fenders keep earning world-class distinctions. Recently, Scott Rud’s 2000 Peterbilt 379 won Best of Show for Working Bobtail at the October 2013 Heart of America Trucking Show in Kansas City, Kansas.



Rud’s rig, equipped with Minimizer Chrome Poly fenders, won multiple awards at the event including 2nd Place in Working Bobtail, 3rd Place in Custom Paint and 3rd Place in Custom Lighting. This win is far from the first time Rud’s 2000 Peterbilt has earned such merit.

In August 2013 at The Great American Trucking Show Rud took home both first place awards in Working Bobtail and in Custom Paint. He also outshone the competition in 2011 at The Great American Trucking Show. There he took first place in the Pride and Polish Contest, which highlights the nation’s most tricked-out rigs.

In a quote from 2011 Rud, who owns Scott Rud Trucking, said he didn’t have to do anything to his new Minimizer Chrome Poly fenders. “They took care of themselves–always shining. The judges loved them. Frankly, I think the new fenders pushed it over the edge and got me the win.”

The fender’s wow factor clearly continues to stand the test of time. Craig Kruckeberg, Minimizer’s CEO and Chief Visionary, said he was excited when the fenders rolled out in 2011. He’s even more pleased now. “Unveiling anything visually pleasing, virtually maintenance free and so solidly functional as our Chrome Poly fenders excites a lot of people–as we saw in 2011. The fact that the fenders have stood the test of time, however, makes me even more proud of Minimizer’s product innovation,” said Kruckeberg.

When asked how he feels about his Chrome Poly fenders today Rud said, “They are as remarkable as the day I installed them. They shine, they don’t require maintenance and they don’t rust, crack or bend. Still, after all these years, no fender on the market can compete.”

Kruckeberg has made it clear that the Minimizer team is committed to anticipating the wants and needs of the heavy-duty after market trucking industry and then exceeding expectations. From their current rate of success, it is unclear when any fender will be able to compete at Minimizer’s level.

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