Blooming Prairie, MN, October 2014 – Not only does Minimizer offer personalized mud flaps for heavy-duty trucks, they come with many advantages and a one-year warranty that’s not often available in the aftermarket accessories arena.

Minimizer Custom Mud Flaps are made of durable polyethylene material rather than low-blend hybrid polypropylene which is brittle. Polyethylene rates from -40 degrees to more than 150 degrees Fahrenheit. It is more resistant to cracking and can withstand extreme cold and heat. Minimizer warranties their custom mud flaps for one year against breakage, curling and separation under normal operating conditions.

Minimizer Custom Mud Flaps are constructed for consistent thickness throughout the flap. Inexpensive off-the-rack mud flaps are thick along the trim of the flap, but the core of the mud flap is reduced in thickness to save on raw materials. This is not the case with Minimizer Custom Mud Flaps; that’s why Minimizer mud flaps last for years without fading or tearing.

“We have a reputation for standing behind our products and Minimizer Custom Mud Flaps are no exception,” said Craig Kruckeberg, Chief Visionary Officer and CEO at Minimizer. Minimizer Custom Mud Flaps are made with high-quality materials that are durable enough to withstand the wear-and-tear of the roads.

“They’re the best in the market for durability and long-term use, plus they’re highly visible-they work double-time as a billboard for your company,” continued Kruckeberg.

Minimizer Custom Mud Flaps can be personalized with company graphics like a logo, phone number or website. Minimizer uses high-end stamping plates to stamp the graphics for quality and longevity.

“With commercial trucks averaging 10 million sightings per year per truck, that’s an investment in your business advertising,” said Jason Rhoads, director of marketing at Minimizer. Custom mud flaps graphics are available in more than 100 colors, and are often less expensive than off-the-rack flaps.

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Minimizer Custom Mud Flaps

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