Blooming Prairie, MN, December 2013 — Representatives Shannon Savick (DFL, District 27A) and John Petersburg (R, District 24A), Minnesota Senator Dan Sparks (DFL, 27), U.S. Senator Al Franken’s staff member Bruce Barnum and Blooming Prairie Mayor Harold Peterson visitedMinimizer headquarters and toured the plant on Monday, December 16, 2013.

Minimizer CEO and Chief Visionary Craig Kruckeberg invited the legislators to the Company’s offices to discuss their ideas for bolstering rural economic development through small manufacturing businesses.

“We have held a meeting like this before, and we wanted to do so again. Our objective is to keep rural manufacturing concerns, like Minimizer, on the radar. It is easy to be forgotten when there are so many high profile, urban projects that the state gets involved with,” said Kruckeberg.

Representative Savick had many ideas for helping to keep manufacturing companies in smaller communities. “Education is always a key factor when trying to garner more economic development support for rural businesses. We need to work with our community colleges and offer more training.”

The other attending government officials agreed that better communication was necessary to inform people about the amenities, jobs and other opportunities that small, rural businesses provide.


Kruckeberg and his guests discussed the use of DEED (Department of Employment and Economic Development) grants to provide the support necessary to sustain growth in rural communities. Low-interest loans and bonding for infrastructure to keep businesses running were also hot topics.

Kruckeberg said, “My staff and I want businesses like Minimizer to thrive. I even have a blog, A Greater Investment, about this very issue. Having such a great turn out today across party lines and a healthy discussion about solutions underscores the very real need to keep prosperous companies in small town America.”

Although Representative Petersburg and Mayor Peterson could not attend the plant tour at the end of the visit, Savick, Sparks and Barnum were all attentive and social during Kruckeberg’s entertaining and informational tour. Kruckeberg invited everyone to visit again.

Coincidentally, the very next evening, a government issued report came out stating a study found that United States production and manufacturing employment are on the rise. Although we’re not out of the woods yet, it’s nice to know that conversations like this one held at Minimizer are not falling on deaf ears.

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