Blooming Prairie, MN, September 2013 – Minimizer continues to improve communication and service for its customers by implementing the Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standard system for its product.

The Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standard, or VMRS, is a trucking business system that describes parts and maintenance activities using numbers instead of words. VMRS helps repair facilities improve maintenance management for their customers or their own fleets by providing a way to extract consistent data from repair orders. Fleets are more likely to avoid costly mistakes and communication errors by utilizing the VMRS coding system for inventory management.

Originally designed as a universal translator for communicating from the shop floor to purchasing agents, its use has now spread to parts and service providers.

“The VMRS system is going to radically help our shop, distributors and end users manage inventory properly. It brings us into a new age of inventory management,” said Steve Hansen, National Accounts Manager at Minimizer.

VMRS was unveiled in 1970 by the Technology and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association. In 2000 the system was updated to a version streamlined for today’s computerized systems. VMRS is steadily gaining industry wide acceptance.

Minimizer CEO and Chief Visionary Officer Craig Kruckeberg heralds this as yet another step Minimizer has taken in its commitment to control the Company’s quality, efficiency and the bottom line. “When people communicate clearly, when there is a common language, the benefits reach far and wide. We here at Minimizer seize any opportunity we can to gain a stronger foothold on quality and cost controls.”

He’s exactly right about VMRS codes’ positive effects. Linking the VMRS information to repairs performed allows the user to analyze what types of repairs they are performing, what type and manufacturer unit is being repaired, the parts that were used in the repair, detail of what was performed on the repair, what are repairs costing, and a lot of other valuable information. That information can help managers measure technician productivity, control parts inventory, improve the effectiveness of a preventive maintenance program and make budget decisions.

Once more, Minimizer is taking industry-leading measures to ensure they give the best service and products to their customers.

Leveraging over 27 years of manufacturing expertise at its state-of-the-art facility in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, Minimizer delivers semi truck fenders, heavy-duty truck floor mats and accessories that enhance the performance of all makes and models of over the road trucks, construction vehicles, or agriculture equipment. Check it out at the “Proving Grounds” video!

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