Blooming Prairie, MN, December 2014 ― Minimizer introduced today a nearly indestructible 18″ poly Tool Box that is significantly lighter than metal and fits into many tighter-fit places on trucks and truck chassis. The sleeker Tool Box design allows for a variety of applications for use on truck, trailer and off-highway vehicles. Minimizer truck and trailer Tool Boxes are durable enough for the most demanding worksites and weather. Virtually indestructible, Minimizer poly-Tool Boxes are made of solid molded plastic materials that never rust, crack or need paint.

Weighing only 22.8 pounds ― a mere fraction of the weight of metal Tool Boxes ― the Minimizer 18″ Tool Box is made for indestructible transportation when shipping, storing or moving. “The Minimizer poly-Tool Box is weatherproof and eliminates corrosion factors and leaking that is normally seen on metal Tool Boxes. Combined with our heavy-duty hardware, it provides the best protection to keep your Tool Box safe and secure,” said Roger Malatt, Vice President of Sales at Minimizer.

The smaller profile Tool Box measures 18″ x 24″ x 18″ and is a new addition to the already popular Minimizer 24″ and 36″ Tool Boxes. Its flexible design fits a truck’s underbody or chassis. “Our customers expressed an interest in a smaller-sized Tool Box. The sleeker design mounts onto trucks that have less room near the axles. The new size accommodates customers who have limited space, but want the durability of a Minimizer poly-Tool Box,” said Jason Rhoads, Director of Marketing at Minimizer.

With less space near the lift gate, the Minimizer 18″ Tool Box is designed to fit a tight space and house liftgate controls which helps to reduce maintenance and liftgate failure. It provides a right-to-left door orientation for the driver’s side.

It is also perfect solution for easy access to electrical hook-ups, hydraulic controls, fuel cells, battery boxes, spill kits/hazmat kits and a multitude of other industry uses. “We listen to our customers; we manufacture high-quality, durable products to meet their needs,” said Rhoads. He continued, “our customers give high marks to the Minimizer 24″ and 36″ Tool Boxes and expressed an interest in a more compact size. We listened and we delivered ― this is the Minimizer way.”

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