Blooming Prairie, MN, February 2014 – Minimizer fenders stand up to the abuse that both on road and off-road environments hurl their way. And converts from traditional metal fenders are writing to let the Company know they are pleased to have purchased Minimizer’s high quality, industry-leading product.

Howard Bowers, from Bowers Contracting out of Wintersville, Ohio, contacted headquarters to relay how satisfied he is with his Minimizer fender purchase. His Company specializes in crane service and machinery moving/heavy hauling.

Bowers purchased Minimizer’s MIN 2260 fenders in Galvanized and B100 BTSA Stainless Steel Paddle Bracket. He mounted the new fenders on his 2013 T800 Kenworth.


“We have always ran aluminum fenders in the past. We wanted to try something different this time,” Bowers said. “Minimizer fenders were very easy to install, they look great and they have done well for us in our on and off-highway applications.”

Craig Kruckeberg, Minimizer’s CEO and Chief Visionary, said that the team at Minimizer is always happy to hear from a satisfied customer. “Minimizer knows that the men and women who work in this industry have a tough job. So we strive to provide the highest quality, toughest line of heavy-duty aftermarket products we can to make their lives a little easier. Hearing that we have succeeded from someone on the frontlines motivates us to keep doing our very best.”

Bowers went on to say, “The fenders have been in service for a few months now and have held up well. This is a NICE product.”


Over the years, many Minimizer customers have written or called headquarters to state similar sentiments. Indeed, so many have contacted the Company that Minimizer has dedicated an entire section of its website to customer experience.
The Company encourages you to call or write in about your experiences and applications of Minimizer products as well. Contact Minimizer by clicking here.

Also, visit the Minimizer website today to find out about all the advantages that Minimizer fenders, Tool Boxes and accessories have that make it the leading choice in the heavy-duty aftermarket industry.

About Minimizer

Leveraging 30 years of manufacturing expertise at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, Minimizer delivers fenders, bracket kits, the NEW Tire Mask, floor mats and accessories that will enhance the performance of all makes and models of over the road trucks, construction vehicles, or agriculture equipment.

Minimizer has been family owned and operated for three generations. The Company manufactures its products in the USA and makes everything tough enough to please tough people in a tough industry.

Protect your vehicle with Minimizer products. The toughness is unmatched as seen on this Minimizer promotional video entitled “Proving Grounds.”

To order Minimizer heavy-duty products find a distributor by clicking here. Minimizer poly fenders and related products are available exclusively through Minimizer distributors.

For more information or to contact a dealer, call us at (800) 248-3855 or visit our website or email us at info@highbarbrands.com.