Proper fleet maintenance is critical to safety, performance, driver retention, less in-transit pullovers, load protection and profitability. A rig that looks good will fare better with DOT inspections. Success with each of these critical fleet metrics starts with maintenance. But, industry use of the term maintenance is now transitioning to a more pervasive stance: fleet image.

Fleet image is more encompassing. It includes the traditional maintenance objectives of optimizing uptime and asset value, controlling costs and protecting asset value. Fleet image goes a step further by recognizing the importance of external and internal asset appearance and integrating this into maintenance programs.

The adage “image is everything” rings true in the heavy-duty industry. The look of over-the-road assets is a direct reflection of brand, perception of service and quality, and workers’ pride of affiliation. It’s safe to say a vehicle that looks good is being well maintained inside and out.

The leader in providing heavy-duty fleet image maintenance products is Minimizer.

For more than 30 years Minimizer has manufactured the lightest, most durable, longest lasting truck fenders and bracket kits in the trucking industry. Fenders protect loads and equipment, improve fuel efficiency, and add to a truck’s appearance and lifespan. Now Minimizer offers more than fenders. Minimizer is introducing a host of products to improve fleet image.

It starts with Minimizer Tire Mask. Minimizer Tire Mask is a revolutionary product that transforms the look of wheels with great ease. It’s a user-friendly kit that allows heavy-duty and medium-duty truck owners, operators and maintenance departments to paint wheels with a professional finish in a fraction of the time. Fleets will save money by reducing masking and cleanup time.

Painting old beat up truck rims can be a tedious task. The newly patented Minimizer Tire Mask system reduces masking and cleanup time by 90%. Now, even the oldest wheels can look brand new, improving your fleet’s image overnight.

Industry leaders recognize the benefits of fleet image: The innovative preventive maintenance program developed by Penske includes the use of Minimizer Tire Mask for proper maintenance and care of wheels.

In addition to Minimizer Tire Mask, Minimizer manufactures the solution for interior cab corrosion: Minimizer Floor Mats. Minimizer Floor Mats are the solution to prevent interior cab corrosion and avoid costly repairs and maintenance.

The road to profitability begins with proper preventative maintenance. Reducing your rig’s exposure to harsh chemicals, solvents, or other dirt and grime means less downtime for repairs and more uptime for being on the road generating revenue. This equals tangible dividends for fleet’s bottom line. Protect fleet floorboards and interior components with Minimizer Floor Mats and avoid costly maintenance and improve safety.

Fleet image is rounded out with Minimizer Mud Flaps. This highly visible product promotes fleet brands while protecting rigs and other drivers. Most trucks average 10 million sightings per year. Minimizer Mud Flaps are manufactured using strong and stiff poly material that maintains proper position and fit on trailers. Minimizer Mud Flaps last for years without fading or tearing.

Expand maintenance programs to include fleet image enhancements. Minimizer Tire Mask, Floor Mats, and Mud Flaps augment traditional maintenance programs by improving fleet image both inside and out, enhancing safety and protecting fleet assets.