2020-2022 models now covered with tray-style, custom-molded floor mats

OWATONNA, Minn. – To keep up with demand, Minimizer is releasing five new floor mat kits for Western Star trucks.

“When Western Star reconfigured their cabs in 2019, we worked hard to ensure all subsequent models would be covered with new Minimizer floor mats, and I’m happy to say we’ve done that,” High Bar Brands Director of Marketing Steve Hansen said.

The 4700SB, 4700SF, 4800SB, 4800SF, 4800TS, 4900EX, 4900SB, 4900SA, 4900SF, 4900XD, and 5700XE are all included in this product line extension.  Interested parties can visit the floor mats page of Minimizer’s website to find specific part numbers related to those models.

“We have everything from 2020-2022 covered,” Hansen said.

Floor mats have been a huge hit for Minimizer – now a part of High Bar Brands – since they first debuted in 2013.  K&B Transportation Vice President Brock Ackerman has claimed to save thousands of dollars per truck by installing them in his fleet.

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