Kenworth truck with updated Minimizer Floor Mats installed

Blooming Prairie, MN December 2015 – Minimizer customers will see updates to certain Kenworth Floor Mats next year.

Mats for Kenworth models T600, T660, T800 and W900 have received improvements to the fit and finish, with the new mats available for sale January 4th, 2016. The updated mats have been revised mainly for ease of manufacturing and to ensure an exact fit with multiple seat configurations.

“We don’t rest on our laurels. If there are improvements to be made to any of our existing products, we make them,” Minimizer CEO Craig Kruckeberg said.

The changes come just months after Minimizer released all-new Freightliner Floor Mats for the Coronado and 122SD models.

“Floor Mats sales are up 35% over the past two months,” Kruckeberg said. “We’re always expanding our product line to include makes and models we haven’t covered before.”

“We’re excited to see the acceptance and adaption of our Floor Mats,” Minimizer VP of Operations Jim Richards said. “We’ve been told many times it’s a no-brainer product that protects the truck floor while looking great.”

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