Blooming Prairie, MN, August, 2013 -Mike Elnicky, a heavy-duty truck owner and operator for over 27 years, has finally found the best floor mats: Minimizer. Although heavy-duty truck floor mats have been around since he started driving, he has never seen a brand so effective at keeping dirt and grime off the floor.

When Elnicky purchased his rig in 2013 from Kenworth Sales in Salt Lake City, the salesman gave him a few different brands to try. After trying them all Elnicky said, “Minimizer was the best. These protect my investment.”



Elnicky works out in oil fields everyday where his boots are constantly picking up dirt and mud. When he gets into his heavy-duty truck, though, “These mats put that dirt and mud just where it’s supposed to be,” he said.“The best part is Minimizer’s custom fit, the design just wraps around the pedals and contours, keeping carpeting clean and filth off your floor.”

Elnicky hit the mark.The research and development engineers at Minimizer used cutting edge technology to scan the interior measurements and angles of each specific semi-cab make and model to ensure an exact fit. A retention hook mounted to the base of the shift stick is designed to keep floor mats in place. The mats truly are custom fit.

Minimizer’s textured trucking floor mats are made out of a proprietary thermoplastic. They are designed to ensure boots always get a solid grip and to hold up to the daily abuse of the heavy-duty trucking industry. They will not break or crack under extreme conditions and they are backed by aLifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Minimizer’s floor mats are unlike any in the heavy-duty trucking industry. “I’ve seen these types of mats in everyday pick-ups. In fact my girlfriend wants one for her truck. But Minimizer is the first heavy-duty trucking floor mat I’ve ever seen that protects so well. It even has collection pools for melted snow,” said Elnicky.

The floor mats’ tray system not only protects a clean floor, their design allows them to be removed easily for quick cleaning. In a matter of seconds Minimizer’s floor mats can look new and be reinstalled so trucks can get back on the road.

These floor mats, like all Minimizer products, are designed and manufactured in the USA. To torture and test out the floor mats in your heavy-duty truck, and to see what styles are now available, visit Minimizer’s heavy-duty truck floor mats webpage right now.

Enhance and protect your vehicle with Minimizer products. The toughness is unmatched as seen on this Minimizer promotional video entitled“Tested & Tortured”.

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