The Single Tire Work Bench holds tools for mechanics working on a truck.

Blooming Prairie, MN, July 2015 – Minimizer’s Maintenance Line is designed to make life easier, and mechanics agree.

The Single Tire Work Bench has been backordered since its release in June, but Minimizer has now restocked distributors’ shelves to meet demand.

“Working on trucks is hard enough, so we developed a product that makes it a little easier,” Minimizer CEO Craig Kruckeberg said.

The bench sits on a single tire, holding the tools during a repair job. It also works on flat surfaces.

“Convenience is the name of the game, and the bench is something customers have been asking for,” Kruckeberg said. “It saves space so you have more room to operate.”

The Single Tire Work Bench fits a wide range of tire sizes, and can also be inverted and used as a carry bin.

About Minimizer

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Minimizer manufactures its products in the heart of the USA, and has been an American family owned and operated company for three generations.

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