(Blooming Prairie, MN July 2016) – Minimizer’s new mini catalogs are all you need to

get the scoop on all things Tested & Tortured!

The mini catalogs have been updated with Minimizer’s newest product – Heavy Duty

Truck Seats.

“The spent years in development, partially due to the fact we were very specific

with the features. We wanted our to stand out from the rest. The result is a standard

that no other aftermarket seat can match,” Kruckeberg said.

The Long Haul Series joins Custom Molded Floor Mats as part of Minimizer’s In the

Truck product collection.

“The reason we divided our products into On the Truck, In the Truck and Fix the Truck is

simple – we have so many new products that we want our customers to find them as

easily and quickly as possible,” Kruckeberg said.

Feel like a full-size catalog is too much to carry around? Minimizer’s mini catalog

measures just 4 .-by-5 .-inches and fits easily into any pocket.

“Mini catalogs are great because it’s all about convenience. You get the same info from

our standard catalog but in a much smaller space,” Kruckeberg said.

To request a mini catalog, head to https://www.minimizer.com.

About Minimizer

Minimizer is your aftermarket solution for quality and dependable Truck Parts, including

everything from Poly Truck Fenders, Tool Boxes, Custom Molded Floor Mats, Mud

Flaps, Truck Maintenance Products and other Truck Accessories. Minimizer uses durable

materials and robotic production technology to create an industry standard that allows us

to offer the longest guarantee in the industry. Use Minimizer’s innovative products to

make your truck stand out from the rest.

Minimizer manufactures its products in the heart of the USA, and has been an American

family owned and operated company for three generations. Minimizer takes pride in

being known for the toughest products in the toughest industry.

Check out all their products at Minimizer.com or email info@highbarbrands.com.