smoky black

For those who want a metal look with the durability of plastic, there’s new Smoky Black Mirror Finish.

Blooming Prairie, MN, July 2015 – Minimizer is taking on metal fenders without the metal.

The company’s new Smoky Black Mirror fender looks exactly like a metal fender, except it’s made from the same polyethylene material as the rest of Minimizer’s Tested and Tortured fenders.

“Some people love the metal look, and our new Smoky Black Mirror fender gives you just that,” Minimizer CEO Craig Kruckeberg said.

“The Smoky Black Mirror fender is unique in our industry, in that it has a dark-tinted, smooth finish that reflects like metal,” Minimizer Technical Manager Gordon Eby said.

In addition to Smoky Black, Minimizer is also releasing a Silver Mirror fender. It too has a metal-like appearance.

Both Mirror finish fenders can be found at one of Minimizer’s numerous distributors. To find the one nearest you, go to https://www.minimizer.com.

About Minimizer

Minimizer is your aftermarket solution for quality and dependable Truck Parts, including everything from Poly Truck Fenders, Tool Boxes, Custom Floor Mats, Mud Flaps, Truck Maintenance Products and other Truck Accessories. Minimizer uses durable materials and robotic production technology to create an industry standard that allows us to offer the longest guarantee in the industry. Use Minimizer’s innovative products to make your truck stand out from the rest.

Minimizer manufactures its products in the heart of the USA, and has been an American family owned and operated company for three generations. Minimizer takes pride in being known for the toughest products in the toughest industry.

Check out all their products at Minimizer.com or email info@highbarbrands.com.