I recently read an article by a dispatcher, Dan Hansen, who told the story of a driver. The driver’s name is Harold and his story reminded me how proud I am that Minimizer is part of such a humble, hard-working industry.

One of the ways I show my appreciation for the hard work that people like Harold do, despite some incredibly difficult personal and professional situations, is to give to the Arrow Truck Sales “Back On The Road” Award for a trucker in need.

In 2012 Minimizer was able to give the contest winner, Billy Basenberg, a check for $5,000 and a new set of Minimzer fenders. We were very happy to do so. Billy’s wife had a serious accident, they lost their home and injury and illness plagued their family. It grew harder and harder to support their four sons.

We were also able to be at the Mid America Trucking shows to sponsor the event in 2011, when David Acosta won, and in 2010 when a teenage girl, Savannah Snyder, nominated her father, Robert. We gave both men checks for $5,000 and a set of new Minimizer fenders, too.

These three men spend their lives in service to their families and their professions. I was glad to finally serve them. I was also glad to stumble across Hansen’s Star Tribune article about Harold.

It’s important that we always hear, share and read stories like the men’s mentioned above. We’re in a tough industry driven by tough people. But these men are more than tough. They’re human beings with trials, tribulations and lives just like everyone else. These men are husbands, fathers, and brothers. Our drivers are also wives, mothers and sisters.

Above all else, let’s try to remember that in this incredible, but often strenuous industry, we’re all friends. And we should all hold each other up, support one another and never forget what we can do to help each other along down the winding roads of life.

Read Hansen’s full article here.