Understanding Our Part Number Guide

If you’re a long-time Minimizer customer, we want you to know that we recently decided to update the product numbers for our entire line. Rest assured, this has no effect on the products themselves. Minimizer will always provide our top-quality products regardless of the part number.

Nevertheless, you may notice the new product numbers on your receipt or packing slip when ordering any of our tool boxes, slick plates, mattresses, fenders, brackets, or accessories from a distributor.

Please note that this change only affects our part numbers. Minimizer product names and specs will continue to remain the same, meaning that it’s still as easy as ever to order our products from your preferred distributor.


Using the Minimizer Part Number Guide

Evolving supply chains can create headaches for purchasers. Here at Minimizer, we are committed to serving our customers to the very best of our abilities, and that includes taking steps to make the ordering process as convenient as possible. That’s why we recently put together the Minimizer Reference Guide, so you can always find the parts you’re looking for with ease.

Using the table linked above, you can see exactly how our products are currently numbered and compare that to their previous product numbers, which we hope will help eliminate any confusion for purchasers.

As an example, let’s take a look at our Tool Boxes (pictured above). The image below shows an excerpt from our part number guide. In red, you can see the old tool box part number. In green, you can see the new tool box part number. In blue, you can see the product description.


To make use of our part number guide yourself, simply visit the Minimizer Reference Guide page here, then scroll down the table until you find the part you’re looking for. You can also download the guide as an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the link above the table. This file can be stored permanently on your hard drive and opened anytime you need it using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Get the Parts You Need from Minimizer

Minimizer is the aftermarket solution for the heavy truck industry, whether you’re a driver, owner/operator, fleet manager or technician.

We invented the poly fender, but didn’t stop there. Innovation is the name of our game. Over the last three decades, we’ve released custom molded floor matsslick plates and our newest products – the Long Haul Series mattresses.

All of our products are available nationally thanks to our distribution system. You could be in Miami or Seattle. Doesn’t matter. Thousands of distributors stock Minimizer across the US, Canada Mexico and LATAM.