Part #10001339 (Legacy Part #BV100BTSA) – Specialty Bracket – B100BTSA Bracket Kit w/ 2 – PB5015, standard swivels & 2 – PB5016, 10” long arm swivel brackets



10001339 – Stainless Steel Bolt On Bracket Kit

You’ve got to have the right tools for the trade, right? You know that already, you bought Minimizer fenders!

At Minimizer, our fenders AND brackets are guaranteed for life! That’s good math for you! How can Minimizer make such an offer? It’s simple, we have total confidence in the design and performance of our fenders and bracket kits thanks to our Tested and Tortured process.

The brackets featured in our 10001339 – Stainless Steel Bolt On Bracket Kit will last as long as you own your Minimizer fenders – we guarantee it!

Use the best fender bracket system available. Offered exclusively from Minimizer distributors worldwide.

All kits come with the applicable mounting hardware for proper installation:

  • Bracket Arms
  • Plastic Center Bracket Assembly (Plastic Arm mounted to Steel Angle)
  • Plastic Angle/Height Support
  • Mounting Flanges, Mounting Bolts, and Spacers
  • All Bolts, Washers, and Nuts

Check out our installation videos here.

      10001554 – Bracket,TUBE,SST,28L
      10003080 – Hardware Pack,UBLT,SST
      10001478 – Bracket,5053,GLV,CLMP,TUBE
      10003106 – Hardware,CAP,PE,BLK
      10001472 – Bracket,5015,STL,SWIV,4.25,BLK
      10003038 – Hardware Pack,4.5ASSY,BZ
      10001473 – Bracket,5016,STL,SWIV,4.25X10,BLK

FENDER MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS FOR MIN100, MIN150, MIN1600, MIN161200, MIN1900, MIN2200, MIN221800, MIN2260 & MIN2480

*Requires 2 kits to mount a MIN300 & MIN318

Installation Instructions