MIN150 Fenders – Perfect fit for 22.5” or 24.5” dual tires


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  • Fender is not sold as a set, but as an individual fender. View Part numbers below.
  • The MIN 150 poly fender is designed to fit a single axle tractor or trailer with dual 22.5″ or 24.5″.
  • The total weight of a set of MIN150 fenders is less than 17 pounds.
  • *Bracket kits are sold separately*


The MIN150, also called the Eyebrow fenders are designed for 22.5” wheels on tandem axle tractors or trailers.  Each side of the tandem has two fender parts, weighing less than 17 pounds and measuring 45” long and 25” wide.  With only a 12” tall arc these fenders cover slightly less of the tire than 2480 or other models.

Minimizer semi truck and trailer fenders have the strongest warranty in the heavy truck industry. If you haven’t registered your product for warranty purposes, do so now.
Fenders warrantees vary slightly by product finish. For most of our standard fender products Minimizer offers a lifetime guarantee. For mirror finish and other special finish fenders the warranty is industry-leading, but not lifetime. See warranty section of this website for specific details for this product.
  1. What colors are your Minimizer Fenders available in? Minimizer offers a wide array of color options through one of our different fenders options. As far as standard colors go, we have four primary choices. BLACK, RED, WHITE and GALVANIZED.  In addition to our standard colors we have several Unique Options as well. High Bar Unique Fender options are: LIQUID PLATIUM, CARBON FIBER, SILVER MIRROR and BLACK SMOKEY MIRROR. Unique Options are a combination of automotive paint films and our HDPE poly fender material. Finally if one of our standard colors or unique options isn’t something you’re looking for, we offer a TPO (paintable) fender material option where you can paint the fender your choice of color.       All said, we have basically every color you could imagine.
  2. What is the warranty on the Minimizer Fender? Minimizer carries a LIFETIME warranty on all of our fenders, with specific circumstances related to paint films. We also require a Minimizer Mounting Bracket Kit be used on installation of any of our Minimizer Fenders for the warranty to be valid.
  3. What size of Minimizer Fenders do you offer?       Like our color choices, we have a wide array of sizes. We have fenders that will fit dual wheel 16.5” tires all the way up to your large 24.5” tires. Multiple combinations as well, super single to utility fenders. Check out all of our options at https://www.minimizer.com
  4. What is the weight of the Minimizer Fenders?       With such a selection of options, we have a lot of various weights, our fender pieces can range anywhere from 5.5 lbs. to roughly 13 lbs. Single axle or half fender sets from 11 lbs. to 26 lbs. and Tandem axle sets from 44 lbs. to 52 lbs. Find your particular fender under our “On the Truck” tab at https://www.minimizer.com, each specific fender set has it’s combined fender weight listed.
  5. Do the Minimizer Fenders require mounting brackets? Yes, to properly install your Minimizer Fenders mounting brackets will be required. We have a combination of different bracket options to mount your fenders with.
  6. Do the mounting brackets come with the Minimizer Fenders? No, our fenders are sold in either a set form, or a part form, and no mounting brackets come with the fenders. We have several bracket options that can be purchased in addition to your Minimizer Fender sets of pieces.
  7. Do you have to drill holes into the Minimizer Fenders to mount them? Yes, the fenders do not include any manufactured holes; you will want to use your mounting brackets as guides when drilling your holes.
  8. Can I put lights on the fenders?       Yes, we offer our Minimizer fender in several different options that include a molded in light box.       The box itself is molded into the fender piece, it is enclosed on the back side and contains (3) 4” Round light cut-outs. Check out the fender options at https://www.minimizer.com.
  9. Do lights come with the Minimizer Fender? No, lights are not included with the Minimizer Fender pieces. You can purchase the Minimizer ACCLED1200 light kit separately or any 4” round light with a grommet will work.
  10. Can I paint my Minimizer Fender?       Yes & No – Yes if you purchased the Minimizer paintable fenders, which is our TPO (thermos-polyolefin) material. No if you purchased one of our standard colors or unique paint film options.
  11. How do I paint my Minimizer TPO fender? Instruction sheet comes with our TPO material, you will want to consult with a certified paint supplier and inform them of your material your painting. A adhesion promoter will need to be applied to the fender first in order for the paint to bind correctly, once your ready to paint, a flex-agent will want to be included in your exterior automotive paint in order to prevent fracturing of the paint.
  12. Is the Minimizer Fender colored the same all the way through the entire fender? Yes, for our standard colors, the color you see if the color of the entire fender through and through. No, for our unique paint film options, again the film is a automotive paint film laminated to the surface of the poly material, what is underneath the film is a BLACK fender material.
  13. Is there any special maintenance I need to do to the Minimizer Fender? No, from a maintenance or too care for standpoint, simple water and any All-Purpose cleaner to wash them up, some guys prefer a little Armor All now and then, but other than just that nothing special needs to be done.
  14. On your shiny metal looking fenders, do I need to polish them? No, again no special maintenance needs to be done to our fenders, for the paint film Silver or Smoky Mirror colors, simple soap and water to clean, and then proceed to use a Micro-Fiber cloth to wipe dry.
  15. Can I hang a mud flap on the bottom of your fender? We don’t encourage you to, but yes you could run a flap off the bottom of our Minimizer Fender. We do stress to slot the bolt holes on your flap, and to use just bolts, washers and nuts to install. Also – do not hang a flap to the bottom of our Light-Box optioned fenders if at all possible.
  16. Will Conspicuity Tape stick to your Minimizer Fender pieces? No, unfortunately tape will not stick to our Minimizer fender material. The good thing though, is most other material will not either, unlike metal or fiberglass fenders, debris, chemicals and other harsh substances will not stick, keeping your Minimizer poly fender looking good for years to come.
  17. Can I stand on your Minimizer Fenders? We advise to not use the fender as a step if at all possible. The material is flexible and under certain weights may flex, which could cause bodily injury in the event of a fall. The integrity of the fender will not be damaged, it’s more so a safety precaution than anything.
  18. What would happen to a Minimizer Fender if I were to blow a tire? We have had a number of things happen, in certain cases damage to the bracket could occur resulting in the fender coming off. Simply pick the fender back up, and replace your mounting bracket arm. In other cases we’ve had damage occur to the fender from the tire whipping or rubbing the fender.
  19. Does the Lifetime warranty cover a blown tire?       No, our warranty will not cover a tire failure that results in damage to our Minimizer poly fender.
  20. Can I buy a replacement fender separately?       Yes, you can purchase a replacement fender section individually from any of our Minimizer Distributors.       Most sell them either as a set or an individual piece as well.
  21. I’m not sure what fender section I have, how can I tell? Our fenders have a label on the inside (tire side) of the fender. In the event the label is gone, you can take a picture of your fender and contact us at 800-248-3855 and we can easily tell for you. If not there is a couple key indicators to look for, one being our rib pattern, the second depending on your style, where the fenders butt together there will either be (2) or (4) internal dimples. Or you can visit https://www.minimizer.com and compare your model to our fenders models listed.
  22. I have Minimizer half fenders now, can I add to my fenders to make a full fender? Yes, you can purchase another set of Minimizer poly fenders and bolt directly to your existing fenders to create a full or multi-axle fender option. An additional bracket arm will be required.
  23. Do certain chemicals have a negative effect on your Minimizer Fender? No, from the most common chemicals we’ve researched, we have not found any that would cause damage to our fender. The most severe acids would have to be in a pure form, exposed to the material for an extreme amount of time in direct sunlight before any minor issue would occur. In the event of a chemical spill, simply wash off to avoid potential issues.
  24. I run in some severe temperatures, how well does you Minimizer Fender hold up? We’ve done several severe tests on our fenders and have had them well below -100oF to well above +197oF. No brittleness or softness has occurred, if you’re out in a temperature beyond those ranges we feel for you, and hope everything but your fenders hold up.
  25. What type of Plastic is your Minimizer Fender made out of? None, we don’t use plastic here at Minimizer, our fenders are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) far superior than your typical plastics most people want to stereotype these into. Our material will flex, bend, twist and turn and still pop back into shape. So unlike other Plastic Fenders out there, we use a higher grade material than most, which is why we are proud to say our fenders have been “Tested & Tortured” and we can offer a Lifetime warranty.
  26. How is your Minimizer Fender made?       We are one of the only ones in the fender business to use a thermo-forming process. Our fender starts out in flat sheet form, cooks a bit in a large oven and then is formed over a water-cooled aluminum mold. Once our fender is formed it will always want to return to its formed shape. This is why if you happen to crush them with a tank, simply put’em out in the sun for a bit and they’ll pop themselves right back out.
  27. Do you sell the side bristles for your Minimizer Fenders? Ice & Mud Sickle formers you mean? For what, we have a formed side lip to help minimize road spray; our unique beauty ring is all you’ll need to keep road debris at bay.       Check out our Anti-Spray video at https://www.minimizer.com and see for yourself. We’ll leave the bristles where they should be, on the bottoms of our brooms!
  28. Can I cut your Minimizer tandem fenders to shorten them? No, are fenders are designed to butt together, cutting the ends off will greatly alter the way our fenders go together. You should not have to alter our tandem fenders in anyway.
  29. Why do you make a multi piece fender? We do this for a number of reasons, one being for our distributors. They have the ability to stock one part and sell several different styles. The others we don’t have enough space to cover them all, but the most important things to mention are the strength and integrity. The multi purpose approach keeps are fenders stronger than other competitor fenders and makes adjustments to ours very manageable.
  30. Do you offer a smooth fender, one without the ribs? Not yet, and no. Our ribs add strength which is why our fenders have a lifetime warranty.       The ribs are a trademark and can be accessorized in a number of ways to give you that one off look.       Not yet, in the sense that we have an innovator running the company, he’s always looking for ways to make our products that much better and we have a lot of things in the old R&D hoper, we may just out do ourselves yet.
  31. Can I run tire chains with the Minimizer Fenders? Yes, we’ve had a lot of truckers run chains. You’ll want to install your fenders a bit higher than normal to compensate for the added thickness of chains. Does it make it harder to chain with fenders? Was chaining easy to begin with? Hey we’re truckers too, and we know it’s not easy, but to quote Guns N’ Roses – you’ll need “Just a little Patience” and you’ll be running over the mountain or through the mud in no time.
  32. Can I still change my tire?       Absolutely, the fenders are flexible, a little muscle and you can wiggle the tire off, or jack the frame and off the wheel comes. In the event the above will not happen, a few bolts on any one of our brackets and you can easily slide the arm off, lift the fender up, and slide the wheel out.
  33. Looks like the FAQ is getting pretty long, if you should have any other questions other than what is above, like style I should run, or what did we have to eat last night?       Call us; we have a dedicated staff that is happy to talk your ear off in regards to any of our Minimizer products. Just remember our fenders “Never” need paint, fade, rust, crack or need polishing!
  34. Where can I purchase the Minimizer Fender? At any of our Minimizer distributors, contact us at 800-248-3855 to find your nearest Minimizer distributor or visit us online at https://www.minimizer.com and request additional info on the Minimizer Fender line.
PM151 – Individual Fender. Reference description above for quantity needed.
Part #10001711 (Legacy Part #PM151B) – Black
Part #10001714 (Legacy Part #PM151GLV) – Galvanized
Part #10001716 (Legacy Part #PM151R) – Red
Part #10001717 (Legacy Part #PM151W) – White
Part #10001720 (Legacy Part #PM151TPO) – Paintable
Part #10001712 (Legacy Part #PM151DPB) – Diamond Plate Black
Part #10001713 (Legacy Part #PM151DPS) – Diamond Plate Silver
Part #10001719 (Legacy Part #PM151PL) – Liquid Platium
Part #10001718 (Legacy Part #PM151CF) – Carbon Fiber

MIN 150 The Eyebrow Single Axle Fender 

The MIN 150 Poly Fender is manufactured using a proprietary material and thermoformed using proprietary technology. Designed with a unique outer lip, Minimizer fenders provide superior control of spray and debris off the tires.  That means clean, damage-free freight and a safer environment for you and other drivers on the road.  When dented or crushed they bounce back into shape. The material is extremely durable, impervious to salt and corrosion, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -100º F to 197º F.

Minimizer never stops innovating. They go head-to-head with shiny metal fenders that bend and break. You get the remarkable shine and reflection of a metal fender combined with the durability and advantages of the standard Minimizer Poly Fenders. Minimizer fenders are also offered in a unique carbon fiber look! This new look adds a distinctive style to any truck and trailer.

Is weight a factor for you?  Minimizer offers the lightest truck fenders on the market!  A lighter fender can mean better fuel mileage, performance and efficiency.  You can carry more payload with lighter equipment.  That means a return on investment!  And since the fenders come with a lifetime guarantee….that means an even bigger return on investment.  Do you want to calculate your ROI?  Check out our ROI Calculator.

Not convinced yet?  Check out the ‘Proving Grounds’ video to see the abuse these fenders are designed to withstand.  You can also watch the ‘Spray Suppression’ video that shows how Minimizer Fenders control debris and spray from the tires.  They really are that good.

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