MIN9020 Fenders – Perfect fit for a 52”-54” tandem axle spread with 22.5” or 24.5” wide-base tires.


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  • Fender is not sold as a set, but as an individual fender. View Part numbers below.
  • MIN9020 is designed to fit wide-base tires on tandem axle tractors or trailers as a half or tandem fender.
  • The total weight a set of the MIN9020 fenders is less than 42 lbs.
  • *Bracket kits are sold separately*

The MIN9020 is designed to fit wide-base tires on tandem axle tractors or trailers with 52”- 54” axel spacing (MINTR4020 is also available for 48” axle spacing commonly found on rear of tank trailers). The total weight of a set of MIN9020 fenders is less than 42 lbs.

Minimizer semi truck and trailer fenders have the strongest warranty in the heavy truck industry.  If you haven’t registered your product for warranty purposes, do so now.
Fender warranties vary slightly by product finish.  For most of our standard fender products Minimizer offers a lifetime guarantee.  For mirror finish and other special finish fenders the warranty is industry-leading, but not lifetime.  See warranty section of this website for specific details for this product.

Each fender type installs with slight variations, but the basic fender installation process is nicely demonstrated in this video.  This video covers fender and truck chassis preparation; leveling of the fender over the wheel and the actual securement of the fender to the bracket.

PM9021 – Fenders by piece. Reference description above for quantity needed.
Part #10002003 (Legacy Part #100188) – Black
Part #10002010 (Legacy Part #103363) – Carbon Fiber
Part #10002004 (Legacy Part #103360) – Diamond Plate Black
Part #10002005 (Legacy Part #103361) – Diamond Plate Silver
Part #10002006 (Legacy Part #103356) – Galvanized Color
Part #10002011 (Legacy Part #103364) – Liquid Platium
Part #10002007 (Legacy Part #103357) – Red
Part #10002012 (Legacy Part #103362) – Paintable
Part #10002008 (Legacy Part #103358) – White
Part #10002013 (Legacy Part #103365) – Silver Mirror Finish
Part #10002009 (Legacy Part #103366) – Smoky Black Mirror Finish

MIN9020 Super Single Fender

The MIN9020 Poly Fender is manufactured using a proprietary material and thermoformed using proprietary technology. Designed with a unique outer lip, Minimizer fenders provide superior control of spray and debris off the tires.  That means clean, damage-free freight and a safer environment for you and other drivers on the road.  When dented or crushed they bounce back into shape. The material is extremely durable, impervious to salt and corrosion, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -100º F to 197º F.

Minimizer never stops innovating. They go head-to-head with shiny metal fenders that bend and break. You get the remarkable shine and reflection of a metal fender combined with the durability and advantages of the standard Minimizer Poly Fenders. Minimizer fenders are also offered in a unique carbon fiber look! This new look adds a distinctive style to any truck and trailer.

Is weight a factor for you?  Minimizer offers the lightest truck fenders on the market!  A lighter fender can mean better fuel mileage, performance and efficiency.  You can carry more payload with lighter equipment.  That means a return on investment!  And since the fenders come with a lifetime guarantee….that means an even bigger return on investment.  Do you want to calculate your ROI?  Check out our ROI Calculator.

Not convinced yet?  Check out the ‘Proving Grounds’ video to see the abuse these fenders are designed to withstand.  You can also watch the ‘Spray Suppression’ video that shows how Minimizer Fenders control debris and spray from the tires.  They really are that good.

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