Minimizer Creates State-of-the-Art Research & Development Department

“The only constant is change,” says Craig Kruckeberg, Chief Visionary Officer of Minimizer. “We keep thinking about new applications for our products.”

Indeed, the Minimizer family of fenders continues to expand into new markets. “Over the Road and Off-Road trucks will always be our bread-and-butter, but I know we can make this product work in other markets,” Kruckeberg stated at a recent round table discussion.

Minimizer recognizes additional opportunities for it’s composite material durable fenders in several key markets. Among them are military applications and original equipment via the manufacturer.

To this end Minimizer has opened a new research and development facility comprised of multiple engineers and 5000 square feet of space on the existing 6-acre production campus

The focus of the new research and development department will be investigating new fender concepts and designs and supporting sales with innovation when needed. The formula will be for sales to identify opportunities and the research and development department can provide support and develop solutions.

“We need to make these investments,” Kruckeberg notes, “We can leverage R&D to continuously improve our core product group. The current marketplace demands continuous improvement, adaptation and change from suppliers, we’re going to meet that demand.”

The R&D department will be charged with supporting substantial growth for the company across a broad spectrum of markets. “This new department and the engineers will facilitate and provide the catalyst we need to expand our product line and provide fenders for areas we’ve been considering for years,” notes Kruckeberg.

The department will allow Minimizer to quickly respond to market demands and continuously launch products to meet customer needs. Kruckeberg added, “Watch for new products to be launched at major truck shows across the country in the coming years, we’re really excited about this!”

Enhance and protect your vehicle with Minimizer products. The toughness is unmatched as seen on this Minimizer promotional video entitled “Tested & Tortured”.

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About Minimizer

Headquartered in Blooming Prairie, Minn., Minimizer manufactures poly truck fenders, poly Tool Boxes, customized mud flaps, and bracket kits. Family owned and operated for nearly three generations, Minimizer parent company Spray Control Systems, Inc., was founded in 1983. Minimizer aims to provide products tough enough to please tough people in a tough industry. For more information call (800) 248-3855 or visit https://www.minimizer.com.