Minimize TCO while increasing safety, improving performance & enhancing appearance.

Managing a fleet of trucks is an extensive job. The permits, licensing, driver education, and then the cost of maintenance. Routine maintenance can be hard enough to stay on top of let alone try to plan. However, with the right accessories, you can eliminate some of the most common operation interference and keep your trucks on the road.

Minimize TCO

Improve your overall fleet perfomance and image with the right accessories

Managing equipment with total cost of ownership (TCO) in mind means keeping costs in check and getting the best value out of equipment. Fleets are making purchasing decisions based on cost of vehicle, fuel economy and maintenance costs—and they continue to look for ways to reduce total cost of ownership. To do this they must wisely manage vehicles—which includes specifying the right equipment for their applications and buying components that are durable, and add safety and value. The right selection can save fuel and maintenance costs. The wrong selection can be catastrophic. These days, fleets must also manage increasingly more sophisticated maintenance and repair issues, which can be challenging.


When it comes to specifying exterior accessories, such as truck fenders and mud flaps, carriers need to make sure that these items improve performance, provide functionality, durability, and enhance the overall appearance of the trucks. While appearance may not be top-of-mind when considering maximizing TCO, fleets need to remember that the look of their over-the-road assets—right down to the wheels—is a direct reflection of brand, perception of service and quality of the company that owns them.

The better the trucks look, the better the overall perception

of shippers have of the company that operates them.


The FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program scores carriers and drivers on seven Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs). BASIC scores are meant to identify poor safety performers, who are then subject to interventions by FMCSA. It is interesting to note that the FMCSA data indicates that as much as 82%

of CSA violations are in the Vehicle Maintenance BASIC sector. Trucks, which are well maintained, and carry that positive image down the road, are less likely to receive CSA citations. Not only do fewer CSA violations mean less

time and money wasted, but also it has been suggested that fleets that have good CSA scores are less likely to have their vehicles stopped for additional inspections.

Additionally, good maintenance practices mean that fleets trucks break down less often. That makes managing delivery schedules easier and helps to eliminate added maintenance costs related to unscheduled repairs or road calls, and can reduce other costs such as those related to equipment rentals, adding spare vehicles, or rerouting other vehicles to fill in for a vehicle sidelined for repairs.

Good looks and safety

Good looks and added safety are also important for the interior of the truck cab—especially when it comes to attracting and retaining good drivers. Drivers look for attractive, clean and safe

rigs. One the of the easiest ways to add safety is to purchase custom Minimizer floor mats—not only do they help protect the driver from slipping, but also they can help protect the cab floor to keep the cab interiors cleaner.


When it comes to choosing the right accessories, fleets look for the lightest, most durable and the longest lasting products.


When choosing fenders take into consideration that they should protect loads and equipment, improve fuel efficiency, and add to a truck’s appearance and lifespan. The right supplier and accessories can make all the difference.

Minimizer offers poly fenders for most heavy-duty trucks and many trailers. The fenders not only look great and fit like a glove, but also are nearly indestructible

and stay looking great for years.

Minimizer prides itself of its rigorous testing of all its products, which for fenders includes driving a tank over its most popular fender models, freezing fenders and then hitting them with sledge hammers. Minimizer also carries a complete line of poly and metal fender mounting brackets, which hold up in the toughest work environments.


When choosing mud flaps, fleets look for mud flaps, the same criteria holds true— they need to provide value—be durable and long lasting. Viking poly or rubber materials are strong and stay stiffer on your trailers. They can also add value if carriers choose to use them to provide more information about the fleet.

Viking can put fleet logos, telephone numbers or websites on the flaps. The company has complete graphic services available for fleet designs, and provides typesetting or proofing needs. It’s a good use of space when you consider that most trucks average 10 million views per year per truck driving down the road.


Nothing is worse than an ugly cab floor that stands out for all the wrong reasons. Torn carpet, ripped rubber, stains everywhere. Numerous elements team up to ensure that the floor looks terrible the very second anyone steps foot in the cab. Whether it’s a driver’s boots, the food or drink they leave behind, or the elements that inevitably make their way

inside the truck, it all costs a fleet money. The cost to replace or detail the floor is expensive. Minimizer Floor Mats are not, and they represent a major problem-solver.

The Mats are custom molded to ensure a tight fit, and the tray system keeps the mess where it needs to be on the Mats.

Cleaning them is a breeze. Simply remove the Mat from the cab, clean it with a pressure washer or a little elbow grease, and stick it back in. Numerous fleets

that lease their trucks have saved tens of thousands of dollars by using Minimizer Floor Mats. They’re the perfect heavy- duty aftermarket accessory that will add value to any truck.

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