Minimizer semi truck fenders and products for the heavy truck industry are Tested and Tortured.

Minimizer is not just the leader in poly semi truck fenders, we literally invented the category.  Minimizer has a poly fender for most heavy trucks and many trailers.  For quarter fenders, single axle fenders, tandem or multi axle fenders Minimizer has you covered.  These fenders not only fit like a glove and are nearly indestructible, they look great, and stay looking great for years.

We are known for the off-the-charts testing we put our products through.  Like driving a tank over our most popular fender models, or freezing our fenders and then hitting them with sledge hammers.  We’ve wrapped our poly tool boxes in  chains and dragged them  behind semi trucks at high speeds down gravel roads; fired pool balls from a pitching machine into those fenders … even crushed our fenders and brackets with a wrecking ball.  At Minimizer, ‘tested and tortured’ is more than our brand … its standard operating procedure.

Minimizer also carries a complete line of poly and metal fender mounting brackets.  Like the fenders themselves, these brackets hold up in the toughest work environments.   Plus, they look great on your truck or trailer.

Minimizer also produces the ONLY custom molded floor mats for semi trucks and tractors in the world.  We have a custom molded floor mat for over 88% of all heavy truck models on the road today.   Minimizer’s line of poly tool boxes, work benches and other poly products for the trucking industry are universally praised for their ‘tested and tortured’ durability.  If its ‘on’ or ‘in’ a heavy duty truck  and can be made of polymers, Minimizer is the brand most trusted.   We have the only lifetime guarantee in the industry.  With 30 years of experience and over a million units sold (most still in service today) Minimizer products are proven where it matters most:  On semi trucks and trailers just like yours.