Part # 105036 Floor Mats – Peterbilt 337, 348


Peterbilt  MODELS PART #105036

  • 337 2010-2020
  • 348 2010-2020
    • Trimming of the driver floor mat along a raised rib is required for trucks that have the driver seat set forward (27.25” from the lower dash panel to seat base).
    • Passenger seats with storage area in the base also have two mounting positions. Trimming of the passenger mat is required for when the seat is 27.25” behind the lower dash panel.

Detailed Fit

  • Fits trucks with automatic transmissions
  • Fits passenger seat located 29” behind the dash with storage compartment.
    • Trim lines are available for the storage compartment seat base when located 27.25” behind the dash.
    • In addition, the trim lines allow for fit of aftermarket passenger seats and the Minimizer Long Haul Series seat.

Peterbilt Floor Mat Model Part #105036

Whether it’s the mud and snow off your boots or your morning coffee, the latest innovation from Minimizer is designed to protect the floor of your truck for years to come.

The engineers at Minimizer use cutting edge technology to scan the interior measurements and angles of each specific make and model semi cab to ensure an exact fit. A retention hook mounted to the base of the stick shift is designed to keep your floor mat in place.

  • Our tray system was designed to be removed easily for quick cleaning. In a matter of seconds you can have your Peterbilt Floor Mat Model Part #105036 looking new and reinstalled so you can get your truck back on the road.
  • The textured surface will ensure your boots always get a solid grip. They will not break or crack under extreme conditions and are backed by a Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty.
  • Made out of a proprietary thermoplastic, the Peterbilt Floor Mat Model Part #105036 is designed to hold up to the daily abuse of the heavy duty trucking industry.

Check out our product videos here.

Minimizer LLC warrants that polymer components will be free from defects in material and workmanship, including being free from rust, curling, and corrosion for the useful life of the product.

  1. What colors are the Floor Mats available in? Currently the Minimizer Floor Mat is only available in BLACK.
  2. What is the warranty on the Floor Mats? The mats come with a Life-Time warranty.
  3. What size are the Floor Mats we have? The size depends really on the Make, Model and Year of the particular truck you are trying to put the mats in.       Please reference our Floor Mat catalog to determine your correct mat. Mats are designed to fit that specific truck.
  4. What is the weight of our Floor Mats? Again depending on mat part number, we have both 2 piece and 3 piece mats, total mat weight would be less than 12 lbs. combined though, so no real added weight.
  5. Do the Floor Mats require any mounting brackets? Yes each set of mats come with up to TWO retention hooks that can be installed in seconds using existing screws or adhesive backs.       Please refer to your install instructions for mounting points.
  6. Do the Floor Mats come with only the Minimizer logo? Yes and No. The molded in piece does come standard with the Minimizer logo, however the emblem can be co-branded to a distributor or fleet with a minimum order.       Minimum order requirement is 40 complete mat sets, mixed or matched.
  7. Can the floor mats be trimmed to fit? Yes certain mats have molded edge points that can be simply cut with a carpenter knife and trimmed to fit.       Please follow your install instructions per mat to see cutting points and related information.
  8. Can you purchase just a driver side mat?       Currently we only sell mats as a complete set, it is meant to cover the entire floor plan and designed to overlap one another so rocks, dirt, debris and water does not go all over your entire floor. For larger fleet volume orders please contact your Territory Manager to discuss, we do have options for single piece orders with larger minimums.
  9. Does the floor mats fit multiple vehicles?       Yes our mats are designed based off of cab profile, a lot of the manufactures use the same cab profile, so one mat may work in 3 or 4 different makes.       Please review our Floor Mat flyer sheet for truck make, model and year listings to see the multiple options.
  10. Do the Floor Mats come individual boxed?       Yes the mats come packaged in their own box, which will double as a display.       They stack nice and can be easily stored in your warehouse or display shelfs for point of purchase sales.
  11. Do you have a Floor Mat display? Yes we will provide a display for you on your initial mat order. The display is a wall display featuring a mat, customers can get a feel for the high quality, and durability of the mat.
  12. Is a part number listed on the mat for us to identify? Yes each mat has a individual part# listed on the floor side (bottom). You can easily identify what the part# is for re-order purposes as well.
  13. Can the mats be washed? Yes absolutely, simply spray them off at any wash to remove any stuck on dirt or debris. Simple soap and water will have them looking like new.
  14. Do you make mats for all type of vehicles? No – we stick to what we know, heavy duty and some medium duty trucks, however we do not do any cars or pickup truck mats.
  15. Where can I purchase the Minimizer Floor Mats? At any of our Minimizer distributors, contact us at 800-248-3855 to find your nearest Minimizer distributor or visit us online at and request additional info on the Minimizer Floor Mats.
Make Model Year Specifications
Make Model Year Specifications
Peterbilt 337 2010 Automatic
Peterbilt 337 2011 Automatic
Peterbilt 337 2012 Automatic
Peterbilt 337 2013 Automatic
Peterbilt 337 2014 Automatic
Peterbilt 337 2015 Automatic
Peterbilt 337 2016 Automatic
Peterbilt 337 2017 Automatic
Peterbilt 337 2018 Automatic
Peterbilt 337 2019 Automatic
Peterbilt 337 2020 Automatic
Peterbilt 348 2010 Automatic
Peterbilt 348 2011 Automatic
Peterbilt 348 2012 Automatic
Peterbilt 348 2013 Automatic
Peterbilt 348 2014 Automatic
Peterbilt 348 2015 Automatic
Peterbilt 348 2016 Automatic
Peterbilt 348 2017 Automatic
Peterbilt 348 2018 Automatic
Peterbilt 348 2019 Automatic
Peterbilt 348 2020 Automatic

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